Numerology Number Three: Creatively Outgoing

A Historical Overview of the Numerology Number 3

Number three is one of the most profound numbers in Numerology, for its symbolic meaning. Undoubtedly, it is associated with the Trinity or Triadic nature of the divine which has been recorded for centuries. This is a reason it appeared in creative works, myths, folklore and religions. Most of the sacred texts and traditions talking about the number three are about the spiritual journey of a hero to become enlightened. Numerology Number 3, for Pythagoreans, is believed to be the first real number. A symbol of the mind-body-soul triad and the birth-life-death.

The Characteristics of Number Threes

Masculinity is a summary of Number 1‘s character. More accurately, as ‘’a tough man’s’’ or an alpha male. The number two is feminine in nature, referred to as the ‘sacred feminine’. Then, the number three can be referred to with the word child-like, meaning the number three is more joyful. Making others laugh by entertaining them makes threes happy. Numerology number three is the most communicative one. Meaning number three people are born gifted in speech. Their asset is self-expression. The expression can be creative, verbal, or through actions. More importantly, they are so extroverted so with a sense of humor they have a great ability to influence others. However, their perfectionism is always a hindrance to their inspirational creativity.

Numerology Number Three
Number Threes are highly creative people in how they express each other.

In clearer words, Numerology number three people are known for being creative. Amazingly, their expresses their sensitivity. On the other hand, they have some pressure on them. They fear their work does not express their passion and message. Therefore, number threes are in dire need of self-confidence. Threes should be building their self-confidence. This way, they can see that even if their work is not perfect, it is good enough to express them. They criticize themselves instead of seeing their true talent. Next, number threes’ weak points are their lack of discipline and disorder. They are inconsistent which makes them work harder in these areas. This means they need to work more to achieve their goals.

Number Threes Carriers

Since threes are creative they are also a jack-of-all-trades. They are not afraid to stand out in a crowd. Since they are good at communication and are smart they can work in a variety of fields. For example, spiritual institutions, teaching, anything related to the judiciary and government, or banking might be job options.

Number Threes Life Path

Number threes are great speakers, creative, and energetic. They enjoy their days moment by moment, without thinking about the past or future. Since they are self-expressive and creative, their life path is their purpose.

Numerology Number 3
Path number threes are lead to be creative and energetic.

Number Threes Destiny Number

Expressing yourself is what number threes are all about. Whether they are musicians, artists, writers or inspiring speakers. Creating things makes them happiest. In other words, being a creative inventor is your destiny.

Number Threes Soul Number

Only when you are creatively self-expressing do you feel at ease. Your soul urges you to reach your goals when your soul number is 3.

Romance for Numerology Number Threes

By being good communication, threes have an impact on people around them. They exude a kind of radiance others follow. Number threes are romantic because they try to please others. The only catch is that they are changeable and move on faster than others.

Numerology Number Threes Perfect Partners

Are you a numerology number three? If yes, then your perfect match is eight or six. Number six is creative, loving, and warm. They also take their responsibilities seriously. Not accepting failure is part of eight’s strong personality.


Numerology number threes have genius qualities and excel at speaking. So, they are famous for being friendly and creative people. They run a smooth life, even more so if they overcome their challenges.

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