numerology number eight

Numerology Number Eight: Business-minded And Serious

Numerology number eight is the number of cosmic harmony and balance, symbolizing abundance and power. It is the Ogdad for the Pythagoreans, a little holy number as the symbol of the first cube that has eight corners.

numerology number seven

Numerology Number Seven: Intelligence And Mystery

Numerology number seven is the number of completion and perfection. As proven, Seven is a number of two parts, the sum of three and four, the former representing the number of divine perfection, the latter the perfect world number.

numerology number five

Numerology Number Five: Adventurous Movers

Numerology number 5 is an energetic adventure-lover. They are the movers who can never settle down or work in one place for long. On the other hand, they are joyful, full of life, and seek challenges as sources of new adventures.

numerology number three

Numerology Number Three: Creatively Outgoing

Numerology number threes have genius qualities and excel at speaking. So, they are famous for being friendly and creative people. They run a smooth life, even more so if they overcome their challenges.

numerology number two

Numerology Number Two: Creativity And Compassion

It is not unusual for Numerology Number 2 to be referred to as the “Sacred (or Sacred) Feminine”. Numerology number 2 is more feminine than the other numbers. This is because people related to number 2 seek a peace more than anything else.

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