May 11 Zodiac is Taurus, Birthdays and Horoscope

May 11 Zodiac Personality

People with a May 11 birthday have a practical innovative approach in life with an innovative mind. You are ambitious and determined with the typical Taurus receptiveness and empathy for emotional cues. You are quite a charmer with words that get you what you want. Like most Tauruses, you are persistent and a dream chaser that does not back down. You have an idealistic mind and have the desire to be taken seriously.

You crave for attention and affection. This explains why you like feeling appreciated and loved. You may seem tough on the outside but are vulnerable on the inside. You tend to have great value for your personal space and will have solitary moments more often. Also, you respect authority and like complimenting others. The prudent personality you own gives you purpose and makes you have the need to feel important.


An avid concern to satisfy basic needs usually drives the career choices of a person with a May 11 birthday. You prefer an occupation where you are flexible and one which enables you to bring out your full potential. You are naturally creative and good at coming up with strategies and ideas. Because of this, you do not settle for mundane jobs, as you are full of energy that you wish to put into use.

Progress, Rooster Man Personality
You want to advance in your career, but you also want to do it at your own pace.

A job that indulges your self-drive is more suitable for you. Working under pressure makes you tense and nervous and therefore less productive. You like sharing your thoughts with others and getting their views in exchange. You are aware that teamwork is less tiresome and more effective. This is why you never hesitate to put other people’s suggestions into consideration.


Your generosity sometimes lands you into problems with your cash flow. Be more cautious and be careful not to let people take advantage of your kindness by using it as your weakness. You are better of having assistance when managing your incomings as you are often tempted to dig into your pockets. You have an eye for quality and expensive things in the market.

Financial Planner, Finances, Money
If you do not know much about investing, hire a professional to help.

Also, you desire the pleasures of the world and get better at keeping adept with your money once you have more responsibilities like children. You only borrow when there is need to as your ego does not feel comfortable being associated with debt. You are sensible but not at all mean. This explains your willingness to help those in need.

Romantic Relationships

For a Taurus person born on May 11 is typically in dire need for oneness with a strong need for closeness. You yearn to have someone who truly cares about you and one who keeps asking how you are doing. However, you seem a little bit shy when expressing yourself as you have a difficult time speaking your mind and heart. This does not stop you from following your dreams of finding a soul mate who shares the same interests as you.

Pisces, Friends, Enemy, Argue
When it comes to someone born on May 11, opposites do not attract.

You are sensual, seductive and lustful in bed making you very exciting in between the sheets. Despite your outward self-sufficiency, you possess lots of compassion and tenderness making you the perfect supportive partner. You are able to focus more on one’s positive side and accept their flaws. This helps you build stronger long lasting relationships.

Platonic Relationships

Having a May 11 birthday, you have the thought that a simple greeting can work wonders in building cooperation between individuals. You like interacting with others. This gives you a good sociable behavior. You enjoy meeting new faces and never miss out on social functions you get invites to.

Person, Sad, Family
A Taurus can always cheer up a sad friend.

Your great blend of selflessness and gentleness gain you many friends. You are able to lift up peoples’ spirits when they are low. It is almost like you are bestowed with the ability to read people’s minds and to be sensitive to their moods making you simply amazing. You are a great comforter making you the best shoulder to cry on when one is in distress. You give good counsel and are very encouraging when advising friends.

May 11 Birthday


Family is the central unit of society. An individual born on May 11 bears this in mind. You are willing to sacrifice anything to fulfill the desires of your family. Your siblings enjoy spending time with you as you provide them with tips on how to make it through life. You give them space to learn from their own mistakes. Also, you check on your parents from time to time to ensure they are faring on well.

Family, Siblings, Brother
Even as a child, you are likely to give advice to your family members.

You are completely loyal to your family and could hardly ever turn your back on them. Family is your safe harbor from storms of adversary. You take comfort in the company of families and like sharing your joys and sorrows with them. You are more open with your family as you believe that this strengthens the bond that binds you to them.


Being highly watchful of your exercise routine and keeping a close eye on what you eat plays a major role in keeping you healthy and strong. You are prone to allergic reactions and should be very cautious on listening to your body more and giving the desired response. Bad habits such as drug use, alcohol, and cigarettes should be avoided as they are detrimental to your overall vitality. You have a tooth for sugary things and should, therefore, have regular visits to the dentist. Tone down on worrying too much as this build up stress which is not good for generally healthy well-being.

May 11 Birthday Personality Traits

Your main strengths of character lie in your ability to forgive and to accept situations as they are. This enables you to have good progress in life, as you only focus on the future which you can control. Intellectual rapport, complete honesty, and clear communication are things you are willing to offer as that is who you are.

Taurus, May 11 Birthday
Taurus constellation

You get easily frustrated when disappointed but compliment this with your wonderful self-control. You believe in yourself and have no doubt that you are special. This enables you to follow your dreams and conquer challenges that hinder your road to success.

May 11 Birthday Symbolism

The 11th Tarot card is the one for you. Two is your luckiest number and it will hardly ever let you down. You value the importance of peace. You seek harmony in your surroundings and dislike being associated with any kind of unnecessary drama. As a Taurus, you fight for fairness and you love appreciating other people’s hard work.

Pearl, Jewelry, Necklace, May 11 Birthday
Man or woman, pearls are the perfect gemstone for you.

The beautiful pearl stone is your all-time gem. It boosts your confidence and helps you deal with worrying issues. It also attracts luck in affairs of the heart and keeps you vibrant and in a cheerful mood. You like growing from your mistakes and moving forward.

May 11 Birthday Conclusion

Your set of traits is quite outstanding. The power of the moon and planet Venus are the guardian bodies to your behavior. Your levelheaded inventiveness help determine your main objectives in life. You forthright reliability portray you as a person who can be fully depended upon. You need to try reason with people before helping them financially. Focus more on your problems than those of others. Your wonderful personality reveals you as a person who is inclined to living in the present rather than the past with a positive outlook of life.

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