May 19 Zodiac is A Taurus Gemini Cusp, Birthdays and Horoscope

May 19 Zodiac Personality

People born on May 19 are determined with a great mix of independence and self-drive. Having a May 19 zodiac, you highly value your personal space and will once in a while require moments of solitude. You are quite a charmer with a lightness in the spirit that makes you easygoing and approachable. You are naturally intelligent and sharp-minded. This explains why you are able to think about the results of an act before engaging in it.

You are bestowed with high levels of intuition and motivation. This gives you an easier time when exploring the challenges of life. You try as much as you can to be straightforward with situations without being too blunt to avoid hurting people’s feelings. You have a touch of empathy for emotional cues and are fairly sensitive to people’s moods. Lastly, you are warmhearted and sociable gaining you an averagely large circle of friends.



People with a May 19 zodiac have a tough time deciding on a career path. This is because you are adventurous and prefer a job where you are not enclosed, but rather one where you can enjoy your freedom. You have an innovative mind and a special kind of originality in thinking that helps you keep adept with the activities going on around you. You are industrious and will hardly leave what you started unfinished. Also, you prefer performing your own duties as this gains you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment at the same time.

Career, Business People
Coworkers will likely look up to you.

Your versatility and averagely fast pace when performing tasks make people find it easier working with you. You are able to generate positive energy towards a good cause by encouraging your colleagues. You are able to acknowledge others and appreciate what they do and this makes you likable.


Having a May 19 zodiac, you keep a close eye on your finances. However, you are, more than often than not,  tempted to spend on luxury. You have a taste for expensive things and quality items in the market. You prefer having a budget on your income to avoid running into problems with cash flow.

Don’t borrow money or else you will regret it.

Avoid borrowing and will only depend on loan assistance when you have to. You are sensible but not mean. This makes you fairly active in charity work. You treat yourself from time to time and buy gifts for the people you love whenever you have an extra coin. You avoid being too much of a penny pincher by putting yourself in a situation of having various sources of income. Family and friends often come to you for help as you rarely turn them down. You are ever flowing with ideas on how to increase your wealth and to have proper financial security for future purposes.

May 19 Birthday

Romantic Relationships

As you are a Taurus, you are optimistic and patient when it comes to love. You crave for oneness and companionship, as you have the need to feel loved and cared for. You prefer having a partner who stimulates both your body and mind equally. Also because you are a Taurus, you are passionate but could be a little bit of a perfectionist regarding romance.

Commitment, Love, Marriage, Wedding Rings
Marriage should be your long-term goal in your romantic relationships.

You have your own list of objectives before deciding to commit yourself to anyone. You may seem insecure and overly possessive of your partner as you are prone to being jealous once you fall in love. Communication is key in a relationship and you spend time with your companion to speak your heart. You have a high sex drive and are very seductive and active in bed. You like complimenting your soul mate and reminding them how much they mean to you.

Platonic Relationships

A person born on the nineteenth of May is very friendly and ever willing to meet and interact with new faces. You may seem tough on the outside but in a real sense, you are sometimes shy and doubtful of yourself deep down. You are able to engage in small talk and break the ice when the silence gets deafening.

Business, Working, Man, Woman, Computer
Learn to be more polite if you want to make new friends.

You are the type of person that is more than glad to meet up with old friends to keep the connection going. You rarely turn down party invites and will always make sure everyone is having a good time. It is best to avoid acting rude. Luckily, you are humble enough to apologize once you wrong someone. You are fun to be with and this makes you never run short of friends.


Family is a special institution that Taurus people of this day value dearly. You feel that family is the greatest support you need to have easier progress in life and to feel motivated. You easily get disappointed when family wrongs you but compliment this with your big heart to forgive. Set time aside off your busy schedule to spend with family to keep the bond strong.

Family, Beach, Children
Family is everything to a Taurus.

You encourage your family to bank upon each other and to appreciate the happiness that comes with it. Your siblings enjoy having you around as you like making them feel better about themselves and assuring them of good things. You show gratitude for the good deeds by your parents and do your best to keep them smiling.


Minor illnesses experienced are often associated with your adoption of bad habits. Be more cautious about what you eat or drink and to avoid overworking your mind. You find exercises tiresome and boring but are encouraged to make an effort of engaging in light physical activities to keep fit and to maintain a younger look. You are prone to unexplainable pains and headaches and should, therefore, take more time to relax by ensuring adequate sleep. Take time to let go anything that gives you stress and deal with worrying issues for generally healthy wellbeing.

Relax, May 19 Zodiac
Take time to relax to improve your mental health.

May 19 Zodiac Personality Traits

Your main strengths of character lie in your distinct style and determination to do things. You make achievable goals and strive hard to fulfill your dreams. You have an idealistic mind with a realistic approach towards the situation. As a May 19 zodiac, you are gifted with an ability to deal with circumstances and to focus on the future by not dwelling much on the past. You take challenges as stepping stones towards the next level and take obstacles with a positive mind. This makes you an admirable character.

Gemini, May 19 Zodiac
If you were born on this day, you may take on some Gemini traits as well.

May 19 Zodiac Symbolism

Your ability to work out things by yourself and your self-drive makes you stand out. You bring light into a dull room. It is hard for you to go unnoticed. You are able to mask your fear and this makes you a fighter. The card representing the sun, nineteenth tarot, keeps you in a vibrant mood. Your chosen jewel is a beautiful ruby. It makes you aware of your strengths. Your lucky number is one.  Your dreamy nature gives you the energy to strive hard.

May 19 Zodiac Conclusion

Your willingness to lift other peoples’ spirits when they are low is amazing. You are endowed with an awesome mix of practicality and persistence typical for a Taurus. You are unique and very special. This is crystal from the way you do things. You should be more keen on your health for you not to have a difficult time once you start aging. You should always remember to make choices that will make both you and the people around you happy.

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