July 12 Zodiac is Cancer, Birthdays and Horoscope

July 12 Zodiac Personality

July 12 is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Those born on this birthdate are extremely cheerful, expressive, and easygoing. The influence of Jupiter makes you sociable with wholesome attitudes and life values. As a July 12 zodiac, you are ambitious and determined. This brings out your charisma, confidence, and persuasiveness. You have big ideas which are not only realistic but also practical. You are able to separate materialistic from spiritual aspects of life.

One of your strongest desires is to have a strong emotional connection with those around you. Also, you want to be able to satisfy your communicative creativity, thoughtfulness, and empathy. Individuals with a July 12 birthday have a quick wit and eloquent with a curious mind. Naturally, you are warm and generous-hearted with a modern view to life.

However, you can get easily bored and even be tactless. The celestial influences pinpoint a favorable path of good fortune for you. As a Cancer, you are empowered with the ability to only look at the positive and bright side of situations and people. You have a tendency to be judgmental and tough on others. When it comes to work and food, you have been blessed with plenty. Try not to overindulge your love for food as it is bad for your health in numerous ways. 


A popular profession of choice for a person born on July 12 is in the line of caring for others. This is due to your deep concern and love for other people. You make great therapists, counselors, or clergies.

Talking, People, Men
Cancers are great at giving advice.

You are a good communicator and you do it in a creative and considerate manner which brightens up the serious work environments. You are a great person to work for or with. It’s your desire to earn a decent salary and to attain financial security from your profession of choice.


Money is however not in your list of priorities and you don’t need much of it to feel secure. You save and make spending plans and you are well prepared for the unexpected. Emergencies do not catch you by surprise.

Piggy Bank, Scorpio, Financial Stability
Save your money. You never know when you’ll need it most.

Romantic Relationships

As a July 12 zodiac, long term commitment breakups is very difficult for you. The hesitancy concerning love usually goes together well with your touch of idealism when choosing a soul mate. Because of this, you set extremely high expectations for the relationship.

Hug, Couple, Winter
Cancers can be a bit clingy in relationships.

You have a craving for affection. Hence, it is important that you find someone special to intimately share emotional unity.  You have a tendency to get fussy and indecisive when it comes to settling down. Don’t feel pressured and take your time.

Platonic Relationships

Your charisma, confidence, and expressiveness are your top most strengths of character. Because of this, you are noticeable. People listen to you. However, remember to stand up for yourself. You have a very observant eye and tend to be practical. This enables you to pursue anything you set your mind to undertake. Insecurity is a trait that you struggle with. It makes you become controlling and overprotective together with a stubborn sulky attitude and even shows very cold emotions.

Communication, Couple, Understanding
People will often come to you for advice.

Your sociability is as a consequence of your wit and eloquence and your persuasiveness turns you into a social butterfly. Making conversation and small talk comes easily for you and you tend to get along with almost anyone and fit in in all sorts of environments.


You are responsible, sympathetic, and protective when it comes to those you love. You are more comfortable in a peaceful home life avoid tensions because of your flexible nature and willingness to compromise. If you are grumpy or brooding, it is probable that someone has criticized or insulted your intelligence.

Family, Mother, Daughter, Gemini Capricorn Love Compatibility
As a great role model, you would also make a great parent.

July 12 zodiac have strong emotional ties to the past making it difficult for them to break away from family. You make good parents, but be careful with your insecurities as you might use them to overindulge your children. 


Health issues for a person born on July 12 are mainly due to lack of focus. This is especially true when you are under a lot of stress. You sulk and become grumpy when you are hurt and you more often than not come down with some illness as a result. Being overstressed also make you prone to suffering from allergies and sensitive skin.

Jog, Man, Exercise
Exercises do not need to be vigorous to be healthy.

A well-coordinated fitness routine combined with something fun is the key to igniting your enjoyment of exercise. Nature and outdoor retreats will relax and help alleviate stress. Your eating habits also contribute a lot to your wellbeing so it’s important that you indulge in good food. Also, get a grip of your feelings to avoid getting sick. 

July 12 Zodiac Personality Traits

Being born on July 12, your horoscope predicts that you will have an abundance of creativeness. It will be in combination with an intense ability to innovate in a realistic manner. These are the qualities that will lead you to make rather ambitious plans for your future.

July 12 Zodiac, Cancer, Astrology, Constellation
Cancer constellation

A comfortable and secure family base is a major aspiration that dominates all areas of your goal setting. When in that happy and stable place, the sky becomes your limit and you can achieve anything you desire in your life. Travelling is also of great interest to you and it’s almost addictive, as it teaches you the greatest life lessons in foreign cultures. You keep a bucket list of interesting places you desire to see and visit in the world and you have a travel map that helps keep tabs of places you have already been. You are destined to travel far and wide.

July 12 Birthday

July 12 Zodiac Symbolism

As a July 12 zodiac, your lucky number is three. The validation of your birthday is the lucky word ‘Innovation’ referring to your inventive imagination, ambitions, and determination. In the Tarot, the 12th card in the deck features a Hanged Man. It is closely associated with your birthday, symbolizing your ease at overcoming obstacles. Also, it reflects your power of spirituality and deep thought processes.

Hanged Man, Tarot, July 12 Zodiac
The hanged man is the tarot card that represents your birth date.

Your lucky gemstone is the Amethyst. Wear it to evoke calmness and to dispel negativity. Your lucky colors are lemon, yellow, and sandy shades. Likewise, your lucky days are Thursday, Sunday, and Tuesday.

July 12 Zodiac Conclusion

The Moon’s power and authority is responsible for the probabilities of Cancer personalities. Jupiter rules over July 12. This pair of planets decide the probabilities of the uniqueness of your behaviors and way of thinking. You are usually considerate and cheerful. Also, your changeable manner is well balanced by your empathic generosity.

Try and cope in an effective way with your grumpiness and sense of insecurity. You will be amazed at how fast they will diminish. Try to be a little bit more tactful. Avoid being nosy and mind your own business. Doing so will increase your peace of mind, happiness, and contentment. 

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