Rat Dog Compatibility: Thoughtful and Different

Rat Dog Compatibility

The Rat and the Dog create an amazing pair. They have a lot of things in common and it will be easy for them to get along with each other. Both of them are quite energetic and will engage in lots of fun activities together. There are mutual respect and understanding between them. Their partnership is unbreakable. They will form a great and strong bond. They will balance each other out and be amazing friends. Although there may be some slight differences between them, they will complement one another. It looks like a very easy match. Is this true? This article looks at the Rat and Dog love compatibility.

The Rat Dog Attraction

They Will Have a Lot to Offer to Each Other

The Rat and the Dog are distinct. This means they will have a lot of value to offer to each other’s lives. The Dog is usually reserved and shy. Dogs do not love going out and they feel comfortable living their own lives. The Rat can teach the Dog to cheer up and enjoy life a little more. The Rat can offer the Dog exhilaration and excitement. In addition, the Rat can help the Dog to deal with emotions and mood swings as Rats are usually emotionally aloof. On the other hand, the Dog will help the Rat to adopt some form of stability. Rats are always all over the place. The Dog’s solid and firm nature will be a great benefit to the Rat.


Rat Dog Compatibility
Dogs are energetic and carefree.

They Form an Intellectual Match

The Rat and the Dog are both intelligent in their own ways. Dogs are very creative, philosophical and can be humanitarians. They love to help the individuals around them. On the other hand, Rats are very idealistic and resourceful. They usually come up with lots of ideas that offer value to themselves and other people. Both of them love to engage in activities that can bring about a change of ideas. They will create a great team that will implement their own ideas. Also, they will challenge each other’s thoughts. This will enable them to create an intellectual bond.

The Downsides to the Rat Dog Compatibility

The Rat and Dog compatibility looks perfect. However, there are some inevitable problems. They will be mainly led by numerous differences. Let us have a look at some of these issues.

Personality Differences

As said earlier, most of the issues that will face the Rat Dog compatibility will come up due to the differences these two hold. When it comes to making decisions, they will differ on many fronts. They have different views on distinct matters. The Rat is outgoing and loves to spend free time outdoors. However, the Dog is rather withdrawn and would choose to stay home. They differ on how they will spend their quality time because of this. One will want to remain at home and watch a movie while the other one will want to go out to the club or a party. Due to this, it will be very hard for them to get along. The only way they can make their partnership perfect is through effective communication. If they are able to communicate effectively, they will be able to fill the gap between them.

Trust Issues

The Rat and the Dog will be faced with trust issues. The Dog is loyal and faithful. This is not the same case for the Rat. Rats are curious and love to try new things. They are also adventurous and love to be out of the house occasionally. They love their independence and freedom. Most are the time, the Rat will come home late from a party or club. The Dog will obviously question this. The Dog will not understand why the Rat has to come home late on a daily basis. Because of this, the Dog might end up concluding that the Rat is seeing someone else. This will be a big issue for them. The Rat will have to adopt a steadfast life and stick to the Dog.

Rat Dog Compatibility
Rat are outgoing and love socializing.

The Emotionally Insecure Dog

Dogs are known to be insecure with their emotions. They demand to be constantly reassured by their mate so they can keep going with their partnership. They are constantly affected by mood swings. In this relationship, the Rat will not be able to grant the Dog with constant reassurance. This will make the Dog look for encouragement and security elsewhere. In this quest, the Dog might end up getting too attached to another person. For this partnership to be successful, the Rat will have to understand that the Dog desires occasional reassurance. If the Rat is able to do this, then the Dog’s confidence will be restored. This will make sure that the Dog sticks to the relationship.


The Rat Dog compatibility is quite practicable. The two have a lot in common. They are both intelligent and will connect on a mental level. In addition, since they are different they will add a lot of value to offer to each other’s lives. The Rat will teach the Dog to enjoy life more often. On the other hand, the Dog will teach the Rat to live a steadfast life. Despite this, there are some things that will come between them. They have a lot of personality differences. Furthermore, the Rat’s outgoing nature will cause some trust issues between them. Due to this, a lot of work will be needed from both sides so that this association can be perfect.

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