July 24 Zodiac is a Cusp Cancer and Leo, Birthdays and Horoscope

July 24 Zodiac Personality

You are a Leo if you were born on this July 24. Astrologically, the planet Venus dictates your personality, which makes you naturally friendly, sympathetic, and warm. The lion in you makes you blunt and bossy just like others in your zodiac sign. As a July 24 zodiac, you are gifted. You are full of charm, practicality, and also diplomacy. This allows you to solve matters in a peaceful manner. 

As a Leo, you are ambitious and a challenge enthusiast. You have an optimistic approach. However, you are overly-confident with a touch of caution, as you totally dislike failure. You are considered an attention seeker. At times, you are a little self-centered needing constant appreciation and approval from those around you. 


Your job has to be mentally stimulating. You get frustrated if in a routine monotonous job. Your extra caution makes you impulsive and indecisive when it comes to deciding your occupation. Your capability to communicate well and your excellent organizational skills are quite useful in the job you choose to take.  Even though you communicate well, you tend to be changeable and kind of frustrated in trying to make such occupations to work in your favor. 

Relax, Simha 2020 Horoscope
Make time to relax so your work does not stress you out too much.


Acquiring money comes easily. However, you have a tendency to overspend. A Leo’s nature is to make or generate money. In spite of this though, your financial luck is undeniable and so money issues are unlikely to happen.  You will make extravagant shopping sprees every now and then buying frivolous items, but this does not really change your financial status. 

Jewelry, Necklace, Pearls
Make sure you are making enough money before you splurge on something expensive.

You are never broke and people will normally turn to you for help so this should not surprise you if it happens often. As a result of your organizational skills, you plan for most things which include retiring with a fat bank account.

Romantic Relationships

A person born on July 24 is passionate and romantic and a believer in true love. You believe in the concept of finding your soul mate. You are an idealist when it comes to romance and you tend to be too trusting which gets you easily hurt. Your soul mate concept makes you persistent in your pursuit to find the right partner who will make you feel complete. 

Love, Rabbit Women, Vrischika 2020 Horoscope
Leos are faithful and passionate.

You are loving and totally faithful once you find your other half. You are inclined to jumping in head and toes in a long term relationship. Give your heart completely to your partner and expect the same in return. 

You are quick to give your shoulder for your partner to cry on meaning you are supportive and caring. However, since you love with your whole heart, this can make you susceptible to being jealous. In between the sheets, you are playful, ardent and spontaneous making you sexy and exiting between the four magic walls.

Platonic Relationships

Your organizational skills are on point and your communicational skills are excellent. You also possess a creative imagination. Also, you are musically gifted. You actually are able to play an instrument or more and your singing voice is more than amazing.  This, in addition to your creative mind, makes you inclined to finding success in communication or investment related areas. 

Person, Sad, Family
Don’t take what others say personally.

On the other side, you tend to take things personally as your emotions are sensitively profound. You give a hand to those in need and this brings you personal satisfaction and at times misunderstood for this.


You are family oriented and you are considered the peacemaker whenever there is conflict. Your family members are likely to look up to you. Even as a young person, older family members might ask you for advice. Here’s a piece of advice for you: give advice when you’re asked for it and avoid giving advice unprompted. This will help in your family relationships!

Family, Siblings, Brother
Even as a child, you are likely to give advice to your family members.


You were born on July 24 which means you have a disinterest in health and fitness. You overwork your body and mind and you seem not to care too much. With this attitude, you are prone to developing some health issues. You run to your comfort food as a result of pressure or stressful circumstances. Being keen on physical exercise might be the solution to getting your body and mind into shape. 

Healthy, Food
Try to eat healthier to improve your health.

Get a physical activity that you enjoy and do it regularly, and eat a well-balanced diet. Meditation and yoga could also play a big role in giving you back your health of the mind and soul. Avoid being unhappy as this will make you more prone to accidents.

July 24 Zodiac Personality Traits

As a July 24 zodiac, your astrological analysis reports show that determined and highly enthusiastic. You possess a diplomatic charisma and this in addition to your other forces like your imaginative creativity, and your emotional sensitivity attribute to your unlikeliness to do anything hurtful or in haste. However, as much as you have these many positive traits, you take offense easily. This can make you irritable, clingy or even behave in an egotistical manner.

July 24 Birthday

Being born on this July 24 ensures that you are a dreamer and you have a basketful of goals and desires. You are goal driven and you are destined to much success in your life. You will make big progress in your life. Achievements mean a lot to you so your plans are detailed and careful. Set your mind to positive when making them. 

Leo, Leo 2020 Horoscope, July 24 Zodiac
Leo Symbol

You are a jack of many talents as well which will also contribute to you accomplishing your wishes and desires. You are able to motivate others to achieve their goals and full potential. The joy you get after overcoming mental and even mental challenges are incredible. This is your drive to not giving up on your desires of living a lavish life together with those you love.

July 24 Zodiac Symbolism

The personalities of a person born on July 24 are determined by the powers of the planet Venus and the power of the moon. The lucky word associated with your birthday is “social” which explains your friendliness and tactfulness. The tarot card in the deck linked with the day you were born is the lovers, depicting the depth of your emotions and that part of you that craves harmony and perfection. 

Piggy Bank, Scorpio, Financial Stability
All things golden will bring you luck.

Your lucky gemstone is turquoise. Wear it for calmness and to attract wealth and prosperity. Your lucky numbers are four and six. Four symbolizes stability, loyalty, patience, and confidence. Six stands for honesty, balance, and responsibility. Your lucky colors are pink which symbolizes intuition, innocence, love, and gold representing knowledge, extravagance, richness, and positivity. Wear them as accessories and also to decorate your home. Your lucky days are Sunday and Friday, representing your determination to achieve your goals and love, charm, happiness, and liveliness. 

July 24 Zodiac Conclusion

You were born on July 24, you are a lion strong and fierce. Others respect and trust you. As you celebrate your day of birth, it would be of great benefits if you would regulate your energies effectively and learn to enjoy your own company. This will play a big role in avoiding overworking yourself. It will give you enough time and space to relax. You are a beautiful soul and you deserve the best in life. A Leo is a wonderful friend and an amazing partner. Everyone you meet loves you. Have a great day!

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