May 18 Zodiac is Taurus, Birthdays and Horoscope

May 18 Zodiac Personality

People born specifically on May 18 are naturally charming with a unique kind of lightness in spirit. Having a May 18 zodiac,  you possess the usual determination of a typical Taurus and are more than motivated to make your dreams a reality. You have a warm heart that is filled with heaps of kindness and compassion, making you sweet and loving to people around you. You are ever vibrant and a sudden change of mood raises alarm.

Both at work and home, you like feeling appreciated and will always take compliments with a smile. You have purpose mind. This explains your persistence once you set your mind on something. Being discouraged pushes you, even more, to do something as you are positive minded with an optimistic approach towards life. You are bestowed with a sharply intuitive character that enables you to have easier progress in life.



Job selections to a person with this birth date are not as easy to decide and settle for. This is because you could be a little bit picky when settling for an occupation. You prefer working in an environment where you do not feel less important and where there is less pressure. The most suitable job for you is one which you are your own boss, as it reduces your stress levels and gives you joy.

Computer, Work, Freelance, Write, Type
Freelancing from home is a great career for Taurus people to try.

You are industrious and will have various tasks on your plate to earn a better living. You are good at instilling morale in others towards a positive cause. But, you are a good advisor with great ideas in times of worrying issues. This makes you very helpful and useful thus gains you a sense of satisfaction. You are drawn to jobs with extra income generating potential as you more than love anything rewarding.


A person with a May 18 zodiac is, as a rule, cautious with their hard earned finances. You generally try your best to balance a budget by forming the discipline of following it to the letter. Being a Taurus, you prefer being a saver rather than a spender, as you regard financial reserves more than material possessions. This gains you a feeling of accomplishment.

Budget, Savings, Money
As a Taurus, you can budget your own money well.

You are naturally kind as you believe that the more you give the more you receive. You will only buy something when you can see its worth as you highly value quality than quantity. Also, you have the patience to save up for things because your ego and pride makes you find it shameful to lay out your palm and borrow.

Romantic Relationships

A Taurus person born on May 18 is enthusiastic towards the idea of love and very warm when it comes to affairs of the heart. You own a touch of self-confidence that enables you to make an approach on finding someone you find attractive but have the self-control to take things at a slow pace. You prefer having a soul mate who believes in you and a partner whom you can open up to. This is because you aim at having a confidante and lover at the same time. You are able to put your companion’s feelings before yours and can, therefore, play your cards close to your chest emotionally to avoid hurting them.

Couple, Dog
Communication is key to having a healthy relationship with a Taurus.

Occasionally, your proneness to being lustful makes you wild in between the sheets and playful enough to keep the relationship exciting. Finding your destined partner is usually an important part of your life goals so you may be choosy but will take commitments very seriously and will be fully devoted.

Platonic Relationships

Being sociable determines your main wishes and aims in life. You are a cheerful individual who likes making sure everyone is comfortable when around you. You show concern whenever you spot a sullen face. This makes you quite likable. Your charming approach and high sense of humor make you irresistible.

Talking, Communication
Your listening skills make you a great friend.

You could be a little bit skeptical about being too close to people as you believe it makes you vulnerable. This explains why you may seem distant and one has to break through your emotional guard to win your trust. You are ever willing to help and to fulfill your wish of feeling useful and needed. You are a good listener as well as a communicator. This more than often become your main fortes when relating with others and gives you an easier time during interactions.


Family is a priority for every Taurus with a May 18 zodiac. You like sharing every special moment of your life in the presence of family. They are the only people who will truly love and care for you despite your flaws. You do your best to see them happy and will sacrifice anything for their contentment. You provide a shoulder to cry on whenever your siblings or parents need you to be there for them.

Family, Beach, Children
Family is everything to a Taurus.

Spending time with your family is very important to you as you dearly appreciate the joy and happiness that comes with family. You like listening to your parents talk and will most of the times assure them to put their suggestions into consideration. You engage in family activities and will rarely miss out on anything that increases the bond that binds you to family.

May 18 Birthday


Most people born on May 18 are generally healthy because they listen to their bodies. Minor illnesses you experience, like headaches, are often causes by your tendency of wrapping up thoughts and feelings leading to stress. You are able to maintain a balanced diet and should keep up on this. However, you have a sweet tooth for sugary foods and should more than occasionally visit your dentist for a checkup.

Fruit, Berries
Try eating fruits when you crave something sweet.

Try to cut off all junk food and take in more vitamins and a lot of water to avoid body dehydration. Opt for more natural supplements to make you feel stronger and younger as well. Taking part in exercises will enable you to keep trim and boost your physical appearance as well.

May 18 Zodiac Personality

Your main strengths of character lie in your humanitarian outlook, optimistic mind, and your amazing dependability. This makes people drawn to you and makes you an image to be admired. You own an air of authority that makes you a good candidate for leadership positions. However, you may be a little bit shy on the inside. You like engaging in health discussions and sharing your ideas with others as you gather more worldly knowledge in return. You are a good observer that likes being on the know on what is happening around you. Also, you are inclined to seek peace and this is why you avoid meddling into peoples’ businesses to have a more harmonious living. This enables you to achieve your goals and gives you good progress in life.

May 18 Zodiac Symbolism

You are attracted to the unexplainable and are quite mysterious. You look for opportunities when they fail to knock on your door. This makes you a role model for many. Your adventurous nature and an avid love for knowledge is crystal. The digit that turns your frown into a smile is nine. This is because it is your luckiest number.

Bloodstones, Gem, Stone, May 18 Zodiac
Bloodstones come in a variety of colors and shapes.

The precious gem that goes by the name bloodstone protects you from danger once you have it at your reach. You are bestowed with extra positivity towards dealing with challenges in life. You are able to deal with obstacles that hinder your path to success. The nineteenth card from the magician’s bag is for you. It is responsible for your risk-taking behavior.

May 18 Zodiac Conclusion

Your personality traits are under the reign of planets Venus and Mars. You need to be more open with your emotions and to avoid worrying too much to experience a happier life. You are an awesome friend to the people you associate with. Do not think otherwise of yourself.

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