September 20 Zodiac is Virgo, Birthdays And Horoscope

September 20 Zodiac Personality

As a September 20 zodiac, you belong to the zodiac sun sign Virgo. You possess amazing organizational skills. You are always thinking of the next move allowing you to make progress in accomplishing your life objectives. When it comes to following the rules, a person born on September 20 follows them to the letter. You are always in pursuit of better ways of doing things.

As a Virgo born on September 20, you are dedicated and. You will do the job if given a chance. You work hard, and you will be rewarded for it. As a Virgo, you follow fashion trends and you always seem to know what is stylish. Your friends come to you for such advice. Your home is dressed exactly like you as you prefer the fine things that this life has to offer.


A September 20 personality wants to work for what you have. Having earned something gives you a sense of pride and having this in mind, it keeps you always grounded. Virgos make great teachers and therapists.

Teacher, Woman, School, College
Virgos make great teachers.


You are a mature Virgo born on September 20, and you have a tendency to deny yourself some comfort and luxury so that you achieve higher levels of success. When you deprive yourself of these, you believe that it will make you a stronger person. Having gone through this process of deprival tends to make you grow as a person.

Piggy Bank, Scorpio, Financial Stability
Making yourself save up before you buy something pricey makes you feel good.

Romantic Relationships

When in a relationship, a Virgo born on September 20 wants everything and more. Stability, loyalty, romance, beauty, and most of all love. Getting things easily without any challenges is not your nature as you find it boring. You need excitement in your life. Boredom will not do it for you. A Virgo born on September 20 is more compatible with a Sagittarius and less compatible with those in the Cancer zodiac sign group.

Platonic Relationships

If you want to understand this Virgo zodiac personality born on September 20, you need to understand their moods. At times, this Virgo personality will be approachable and there are times that it is better for you to keep away. Once you have learned their mood, then you are able to know when to keep off and when to be a friend. If you are in a relationship with a person born on September 20, it is advisable that you learn the mood hints in order to avoid arguments.

Moon In Astrology, Time, Memory, Clock, Flower, Pictures
It takes time to get to know a Virgo.


Virgos adore their family above all else. However, sometimes they struggle to find a balance between their work and family life. Of course, part of the reason they work so much is to support their family and give them everything they could ever want. Their family members can be spoiled, to say the least.

Gift, Present
Make sure not to spoil your family members too much.


Being a Virgo born on September 20, means you are a healthy person. You take your vitamins daily but you will also require to get calcium supplements. Take calcium to prevent bone issues. Get an exercise routine and you will get positive results in the long run. Exercise only brings positive things and effects and not just shedding those extra kilos.

September 20 Birthday

You don’t seem to finish what you start. Sitting still is not something that comes easily for you as you want to work off that excess energy you possess. Try to commit to a professional personal trainer and you could get the success that you strive for.

Exercise, Kettlebell, Gym
Exercise more often to improve your health.

As a Virgo born on September 20, when you make a mistake or throw things out of proportion, you will talk about it over and over again and this can make people sick of listening to you. It’s time to chill out Virgo and ease down on the analyzing. This might give you a heart attack or something even worse. It’s funny now but you tend to take the fun out of things by this behavior. Relax Virgo, it’s never that serious.

September 20 Zodiac Personality Traits

According to the September 20 birthdate predictions, you are a go-getter and you expect everything to be perfect, getting very disappointed when there is change. As a dreamer though, dreams have become part of your life. As a Virgo zodiac personality born on September 20, you worry too much, This could affect your overall health. However, when the situation is serious, you are able to make it light through laughter and funny jokes. If you happen to find someone who likes this part of you, then that would be the perfect match.

Virgo, September 20 Zodiac
Virgo symbol

September 20 Zodiac Symbolism

The Judgement tarot card matches your birth date. Your lucky number is two. This number signifies adventure, freedom, curiosity, and unconventional attitude. Your lucky colors and green. Gold is a color of growth, loyalty, and rebirth. Green is a color of mental peace, order, and integrity.

Green Material, Style, Fashion
Wear green to improve your luck.

The lucky day for a Virgo born on September 20 is Sunday. Mercury rules this day. It speaks of the expression of ideas through emails, actions, and letters. Your lucky gemstone is the sapphire. It will promote your sincerity in relationships and will also balance your chakras.

September 20 Zodiac Conclusion

As you celebrate your birthday on September 20, remember to be more flexible and attentive to those that respect and love you the most. Get your priorities in order. It’s the key to ensuring that you have taken the right path in life.

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