September 21 Zodiac Is A Cusp Virgo And Libra, Birthdays And Horoscope

September 21 Zodiac Personality

As a September 21 zodiac, you were born on a Virgo Libra cusp. This means that you will have the personality traits of both Virgos and Libras, but more so Virgo traits. People born on this day will be balanced, family-oriented, and stylish.


When it comes to career choices, a person born on September 21 is more inclined in a career in accounting, as you pay attention to details. Working in statistics, and perhaps investigations totally suit this Virgo born on September 21. A career that offers you a sense of accomplishment is what you go for. However, it is good that you give other people to do something, and they might just surprise you.


You can do everything yourself we don’t deny but help has never been a bad thing. By being born on September 21, you tend to make wise choices and you always wait for the sale before making a purchase.

Sale, Shop
Virgos love a good sale.

Romantic Relationships

When you grow up, however, a Virgo born on September 21 is not afraid of anything. Friendships are the bases under which you find your life partner. The expectation for a soul mate if a person who is romantic and thoughtful. As per your past experiences, you have come to learn that acceptance might be the only way forward in a long time relationship, after all, nobody is perfect.

As a Virgo born on September 21, you are more compatible with a person in the cancer zodiac sun sign group. It will be a match that is likely to be interesting and stimulating. September 21 Virgos are incompatible with a person in the Aquarius sun sign. It will be an uncompromising and difficult match.

Platonic Relationships

September 21 birthday predictions show that a person born on this day is loyal and quite timid. You are a personable person who is liked by many. You prefer to be straightforward and tell it as it is. Sometimes, you might hide your true feelings in order not to hurt other people’s feelings.

Being a Virgo born on September 21, you are quite demanding but you keep your relationship interesting and fresh. You may appear vulnerable or shy at first, but truth be told, you are exactly the opposite of that.


For you Virgo born on September 21, kids are definitely in your plans for the future and you will make an excellent parent but only if you forget the past experiences. You will treasure your kids and you will only give and show them love.

Children, School
Virgos love their children above all else.


You often need to be reminded to take care of your body. You find meditation to be an important part of your health regimen. This aids in relieving your stress and also your anxiety. You are a believer of greater power and you are not afraid of praying. However, you need to stay away from caffeine and also keep away from spicy food.

September 21 Zodiac Personality Traits

The September 21 birthday astrology analysis predicts that you are devoted to your family. Your goals and dreams have more to do with the kind of partner that you choose. You are more in tune with someone who is imaginatively creative and quite focused. Someone who will push you to become the best. Because of your energy born on September 21, your energy will make a career choice very difficult. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to and if you find that one thing that you love which is also profitable, you are calmer and more driven. Giving security to your family is essential for this Virgo born on September 21.

Virgo, September 21 Zodiac
Virgo symbol

The personality of a September 21 is not intrigued by being in the limelight but you enjoy working more behind the scenes. You like being dressed to the nine and you fear being committed to someone. As a friend or even as a lover, a person born on September 21 needs loyalty and support and companionship. A Virgo born on this day might have had a hard childhood and hence you should be cautious when there are changes so you are able to create an environment that is relaxing and fun. You prefer a lavish life and once you have found your purpose, you will be able to choose a profession you are comfortable with.

September 21 Birthday

September 21 Zodiac Symbolism

Mercury is the ruling planet for your birthday. It represents your preferences in matters of learning, communication, mental intelligence, and your expression of thought. The World tarot card is for you. It symbolizes your sense of fulfillment and your need to think twice before you can trust people.

Three, Numerology, September 21 Zodiac

According to your numerology predictions, your lucky number is three. In numerology, three represents creativity, pleasure, bravery and your curiosity. Your lucky colors are blue and red. Blue is a color that signifies communication, calmness, melancholy, and inspiration. Red is a color of courage, vigor, love, and impulsiveness. Your lucky days are Wednesday and Thursday. Mercury rules over Wednesday. It encourages you to be more expressive, creative and interactive with others. Thursday a day ruled by planet Jupiter, which stands for encouragement, good luck, and positivity.

September 21 Zodiac Conclusion

The ideal birthday gift for a Virgo man can be a digital assistant and for a Virgo woman can be a set of work tools. As you celebrate your birthday on September 21, it is good to know that you were born on a special day that the celestial powers choose for you. You have many positive traits. They are guaranteed to see your dreams and desires turn into reality.

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