Scorpio Aquarius Love Compatibility

Scorpio Aquarius Love Compatibility  

If opposites do attract, it could be good news for Scorpio Aquarius love compatibility.  

Scorpio Overview 

Scorpio (October 24 – November 22) is a hard-working, goal-oriented, introverted individual.  They have their minds set on being the boss because they want to be in charge.  Theyll do the work on their own to prove that they can be anything they want.  And, theyre good at it too because they make sure that the work isn’t just turned in, but its turned in with no flaws. Trust and loyalty are essential traits that they look for in friends and lovers.  If they have any doubt in their relationships, they won’t only get out of that relationship, but they may also make sure that the other person doesn’t forget it.  When theyre in a stable relationship, they show a more positive side of themselves.  They can be romantic and thoughtful and show their partner that theres no one else who’s as wonderful to them as they are.   

Hug, Couple, Winter
Scorpios can be very romantic.

Aquarius Overview 

Aquarius (January 21 – February 19) is carefree.  Theyre creative and usually have a different approach to things compared to most signs.  Theyre often happy, and if theyre in a situation that doesn’t make them happy, theyll do their best to either change.  This can include jobs, friendships, and relationships.  One thing thats true about this sign is that they learn better by doing things.  Their hands-on approach is evident in what theyre able to create.  They can be talented in the arts or through their understanding of different cultures and languages.  While they may seem emotionally detached, theyre great friends once people get to know them.  Their love interests will find this to be true as well as they get to know more through their conversation and talents. 

Scorpio Aquarius Love Compatibility Overview 

The pairing of Scorpio and Aquarius is a unique match of opposites.  One is intense, and one is laid-back.  One is goal-oriented, and the other is likely to move around from job to job to whatever makes them happy.  Even though theyre both intelligent and creative, they aren’t likely to see eyetoeye all of the time.  What can happen is that they bring out qualities in each other than they didn’t expect, and they can grow in ways that make them a better person.  They can also grow apart in ways that they may always hate each other. 

Hands, Couple,
Scorpio and Aquarius’s differences will either bring them together or pull them apart.

Positive Attributes of Scorpio Aquarius Love Compatibility 

The different characteristics of these two signs can be a positive aspect of their relationship.  At first, they may not think about dating the other, but theres something attractive about them.  Scorpio may like how Aquarius is more relaxed and carefree, yet still brilliant and exciting.  They may see how they too can relax and be more personable in social settings, rather than keep mostly to themselves.  Aquarius may want to find a way to bring more order to their life.  Their partner is more grounded and has stability while still being passionate about what they do in their life.   

Scorpio the Protector 

Scorpio is very protective of their loved ones.  Theyll make sure that their partner keeps up with their responsibilities, whether its an appointment or the possession of their artistic or intellectual property.  Aquarius is good at what they do, but they may not understand the technical or legal side of things that can impact their work or lives.  Its beneficial for them to have someone like Scorpio on their side. 

Guardian, Protector, Angel
Scorpio will be very protective of those they love.

In return, Aquarius has what it takes to help Scorpio avoid staying intense or obsessed for too long.  They have their ways to help their lover unwind after work or a big project.  There comes a time when Scorpio has to let go of the emotions that can bring them down.  With their creative imagination, they may take them on a quick getaway or show them lovemaking thats beyond their imagination.  Theyll discover new ways of holding and touching each other but with the same kind of intense passion that Scorpio craves.  Itll never be dull when these two signs connect. 

Negative Attributes of Scorpio Aquarius Love Compatibility 

These signs have personalities that are more likely to be incompatible than compatible.  When ones dreaming up new ideas while the others focused on possessing things, there are times that they won’t find common ground.  Scorpio doesn’t like being social, but Aquarius thrives on being with their friends.  Their partner may not see this as a good thing when they have to share their time with others.  Jealousy may develop where there’s nothing to be concerned about.  When possessive jealousy combines with the level of intensity that Scorpio has, it can be devastating to their relationship.  Theyll do what they can to keep the one they love, and the process of smothering their partner will drive them away. 

Distance, Couple
By trying to keep Aquarius close, Scorpio might end up pushing them away.

Aquarius may not be cheating, but in their lover’s eyes, that may not be the case, and the situation can be irreversible.  Then again, Aquarius doesn’t necessarily share the same traditional values as their partner.  Faithful means that they have a primary lover, but can still have affairs from time to time.  The lack of emotion connected to their love affairs may be fine for them, but it doesn’t mean that itll be ok when Scorpio finds out. 

Finding a Balance 

In spite of these worstcase scenarios, it doesn’t mean that there can’t be a compromise.  For Scorpio, they need to respect their partner’s need to be social.  They have their friends, and theyre sure to come back to their partner because they love them and love how they take care of them.  If theyre with friends, theyll be happier and bring that happiness back home.  For Aquarius, they need to recognize that their partner wants to protect them.  Trust is an essential component of their relationship.  This means that they should enjoy their time with friends, but make sure that theres nothing that would make them lose faith.  If theyre looking for new love and passion, they don’t need to look further than their partner. 

Scorpio Aquarius: Conclusion  

When it comes to compatibility, these two signs are opposites in personalities but complementary in the love and care they give each other.  Trust and faithfulness are two things that can make or break this relationship.  When theyre together, theyll find that they have an exciting love life with someone who can nurture them the way others can’t.  If that trust and faithfulness are broken, theyll find that the result can be catastrophic. 

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