Numerology Number One: Leadership, Confidence, And New Beginnings

Numerology Number 1 Meaning

Numerology number 1 has many meanings. One of those meanings is simply “Creator.” Numerology number 1 gets this title because it is the first in a chain of different things. It is what gives the other numbers a springboard and it starts movement going.

Numerology number 1 is not complex for the most part. However, it should be noted that it does make a difference in the set of thing. If it helps, imagine numerology number 1 as being a border of sorts. It separates good from bad and right from wrong.

Numerology Number 1

Numerology Life Path Number 1

Usually, people who have Number 1 are hard-workers that just really can not get enough of the work they have or want to do. They have a goal and there is little to nothing to stop them from getting there. Part of what gets them to this goal- sometimes the goal looks impossible to others- is that Number 1s are almost cruelly hard on themselves. These people are perfections that do not leave any room for error.

Two Paths, Shared Destinations
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Working with Number 1s can be rather hard. This is because of how exactly they are in everything they do. The way that they do things does not let even the smallest mistake to slip by. Because of this, they can be overbearing on a project or group assignment. They can be a bit mean to work with too. They keep themselves at the top of their game by criticizing themselves so they might criticize others while they are working together.  

Numerology Number 1 Personality Traits

The most important thing to a Number 1 is how others see them. Numerology number 1 is also called the “Outer Personality Number”. Having this persona, the way others to see them can differ slightly depending on each person they encounter. The outward image they want others to see also decides who comes into your life and who gets turned away.  

When using simple words to describe the personality of Number 1s, powerful words work best. Words like a leader, original, pioneer, individual, dominance, creator, and mover match their personality well. Since Number 1s are the first in line, they like to do what they can set the bar for the others. They are trailblazers.

Number 1s are the first people to be noticed upon entering a room. They demand attention, respect, and command. Part of the strong command vibe they give off comes from the motivation they hold within. Their motivation can sometimes rub off onto the people around them and help them to get things done on their own.

Number 1s are responsible. They have a mind of their own that allows and helps them be outgoing and creative thinkers. They come up with solutions that others would never have thought of.

Number 1S, Winner, Award, Numerology Number 1
Number 1s want to be the best in everything they do.

All of this sounds great, but the one “downside” to Number 1s is that they need affection often. They crave validation. With the way they think, others might think they are weird or crazy. After a while, they might lose or have to force some of their motivation. To keep them from going too far under, tell them sometimes that they are doing well that they are doing what they can.    

Destiny Number

Destiny Numbers are also called Expression Numbers. Numerology Number 1 is also a Density Number. It can represent the starting of a new cycle in your spiritual life. With the starting of this new, these people are ready to jump the gun. They want to get a mouthful of this new setting as soon as possible, especially if it has anything to do with a new leadership position. The people around a Number 1 may need to remind them to slow down and that not all things happen at the click of a button.

Rose-Gold, Office Supplies
Number 1s are go-getters, much like Cardinal signs.

When Destiny Number 1 really starts showing, the people with this number become a little more sincere, persistent and patient, materialistic, focus and logical, drive, clever and intelligent, and independent. These people rarely make mistakes. If they do, they try their best to fix it before anyone else gets the chance the notice.

Soul Number

Soul Numbers are also known as Heart’s Desire numbers. Number 1s love to be in command, it helps them to get to where they feel they need to be in life. They have no desire of taking orders from others- they want to be giving the orders and they will climb the latter as quickly and precisely as they can manage to.

Business Woman, Career
Number 1s are intelligent– but stubborn.

Because of how stubborn they are, Number 1s can be their own foil and themselves back with their stubbornness. However, their quick thinking and wit can help to balance the playing field against themselves.


It can be a little hard for Number 1s to find a partner that fits with them just right because they are rather difficult people. How critical, territorial, and demanding they are can turn people away pretty quickly if they are not careful.  That does not mean they are without hope. Numbers 3 and 5 are usually a good match for Number 1s.

Three, Five, Numerology Number 1 Meaning, Numerology
3s and 5s make the best matches for 1s.

Number 5s are kind of laid back but they are always up for an adventure so they do not mind if a Number 1 takes the wheel and they get to explore things along the way.

Number 3s make the perfect match for number 1s. They are laid back and fun loving. Being light-hearted comes hand in hand for them. Number 3s have a pretty easy time of just brushing off anything uncaring the Number 1 might say.

Career Path

Normally, Number 1s are happiest when they are the boss. Working from home is great for them. Owning their own business brings Number 1s joy. That way, they either get to work by themselves or they do not have to answer to anyone else and get to lead others.

Business, Work, Promotion
Number 1s will be happiest when they are the boss.

So when a Number 1 is looking for a field that they might be good in, they should consider something like law enforcement, military leadership, politics, or business ownership.

Numerology Number 1 Summary

Number 1s are very strong leaders that do not care for when others try to get in the way. If something does get in their way, they make fast and easy work of it. When they are given to chance to show themselves beyond the hardcore and critical shell that they try to hide their insecurities behind, they are caring.     

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