August 12 Zodiac is Leo, Birthdays and Horoscope

August 12 Zodiac Personality

August 12 zodiac personalities belong to the Leo zodiac sun sign. You are spirited, naturally generous, and kind. Also, you have a soft spot when it comes to emotional matters. You are sensitive in many ways and one can say that you can be edgy at times. You are a lion that is firm and you are up and fast on your feet not allowing defeat to get the best of you.

As a Leo born on August 12, you can be very decisive. This makes you who you are. You are super adventurous, enterprising, determined, charismatic, and always in pursuit of perfection. It’s good that you realize that nobody is perfect and we all have our flaws. You amaze those around you with your excellent memory. Your instincts are razor-sharp, though you can at times be impulsive and volatile. This makes you do things that you might possibly regret. For being a Leo with a 12th the August birthday, keep calm before making hastened decisions.


A person born on August 12 is quite intelligent and is attracted to careers in education or law. Being a lion means that your analytical skills and levels of intellect combine well to grant you a business-orientated mind. This guarantees excellent performance in many professions.

Skills, Career, Job, Talent
Showing off your skills makes you happy at the workplace.


You are not known to regret your duties in any sort of way. It is unusual for you to face financial problems because you manage money well. Sensible spending is easy for you. You have a responsible financial attitude that helps you save for unforeseen future occurrences. Rainy days do not catch you unprepared.

Piggy Bank, Scorpio, Financial Stability
Save, don’t spend, your extra money.

Romantic Relationships

Looking good, feeling good and having a fat bank account makes you a big target. As a Leo born on August 12, you have quite a number of secret admirers and you know it. Because you take such pride in your good looks, you will also want to have an attractive partner. At times, Leos can be a bit shallow in their short-term relationships. However, they are more serious when they are looking for a long-term relationship. Leos are most attracted to artistic and ambitious people.


In terms of life partners, you are more compatible with a Taurus who is filled with passion and focus match and you are incompatible with other Leos because there will be a constant battle of dominance which brings a lot of tension into the relationship.

Platonic Relationships

Being born August 12 has made you a nurturer and genuinely considerate and concerned for other people. Your character will help you in your career path and also relationship due to qualities like patience courage and empathy. Your love for art and creative thinking makes you perfect for event planning especially if it involves exhibiting other people’s artistic side.

Friends, Women, July 17 Zodiac
Try to be more understanding if you want to make more friends.

As a Leo born on 12th August, the path for fame and popularity is definite but may change with the choice of life partners be sure to select them carefully for they may make or break you. Even with all these impressive qualities of your character, your weakness comes to light by being too insecure about things that no one notices but you, making it a huge thing. Be comfortable with you. Be you!

August 12 Birthday


You are a born hunter which explains your many skills. You come up with the best business ideas. Your friends and family members will come to you for advice on many matters, both business and personal. You are a hard worker and you are able to balance job responsibilities with the time you spend at home proportionately.

Balance, Relationships, Libra
If you can find balance in your work and family life, then you can do anything!


Healthiness and general wellbeing is quite important to those born on August 12. You are vigorous and fanatical about looking after yourself. You are a huge exercise fanatic and you know a lot when it comes to health and fitness, the latest medical advances, and nutritional values.

As a Leo born on August 12, you will go to great lengths to find out what to eat and what not to eat. You have the best nutritionist in town as a personal contact. You consider exercising a necessity and not just a thing to pass time.

Snake Health, Woman Sleeping
Try to relax more to ease your troubled mind.

There’s one negative for those born on this day that you overwork yourselves frequently and hence it is advisable that you ensure to get adequate sleep to allow the body to recover. Eight hours of sleep a day will definitely keep the doctors away. Lack of adequate rest can begin to show on your skin with breakouts and can make you grumpy and lower your physical and mental energy.

August 12 Zodiac Personality Traits

The birthday horoscope for a person born on August 12 warns that you can be quite tied to your work and you will have a tendency to become a workaholic if your personal life is not going in the direction that you want. Be careful. By running away from your problems or even by over-working yourself, is most certainly not going to solve your domestic issues but will only make them worse.

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Leo Symbol

Relax and try to take time to rethink your next step as making the right move is the only way out. You tend to be too self-indulgent with your accomplishments and self-worth, but its time to follow your dreams with determination and passion and also with a little bit of humility. Being down to earth will take you a long way Leo, be humble and good things will happen.

August 12 Zodiac Symbolism

Leos born August 12 have the ruling star as the sun. It signifies your ability to lead and you desire to be the center of attention. The tarot card in the deck for this special birthdate is the hanged man. It represents the ability to enjoy life without being weighed down but non-important things.

Your lucky numbers are one and three. They show the willingness to rise above challenges met and capture opportunities as they pop up. Your lucky colors are gold and green. Gold represents royalty, stability, and wits. Green represents clarity generosity, humility, aggressiveness, and the will power to influence people and guide them in a certain direction.

Leo Zodiac Quiz
Gold is Leo’s lucky color.

Your lucky day is Sunday, a day where your mind is free of heavy thoughts. Hence, it is the perfect day to think about new ideas and deciding on the life-changing choices that need to be chosen. Your lucky gemstone is the pearl. It enhances your creativity and confidence.

August 12 Zodiac Conclusion

An ideal birthday present for a Leo man is an engraved suitcase and a set of crystal glasses for a Leo woman. You are the luckiest person on earth to have been born on August 12 and you are destined to be successful. Have a wonderful birthday, you deserve it!

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