Aquarius 2020 Horoscope

Aquarius 2020 Horoscope: Creativity and Independence

During 2020, Aquarians will receive plenty of help from Jupiter. The Aquarius 2020 horoscope predicts that this sign will have the chance to prove their worth to the people around. Also, they can end the doubt of others as well as themselves. Since Aquarians can prove themselves this year, they will see a creative side that they might not have known they have. They are going to be getting this energy from the alignment of the planets more than anything else.

Aquarians will have a new found energy in 2020. They are going to have to be patient to prove to their spouse or loved one that they are loved. Though Aquarius people are going to have a new energy about them, they should be careful that the energy does not go to their heads. Some of the new energy might need to put towards finding the true motives behind what someone is doing. However, there might come a person or two that try to mislead an Aquarius.

Aquarius 2020 Horoscope: Key Events

January 24: Saturn enters Capricorn’s 12th House.

Rahu starts 2020 in the Fifth House of Gemini.

March 30: Jupiter enters Capricorn’s 12th House.

Jupiter, Planet
Jupiter is the main planetary player for Aquarius people in 2020.

June 30: Jupiter becomes retrograde and enters the 11th House of Sagittarius.

September 19: Rahu enters the Fourth House of Taurus.

October: Venus retrogrades. Aquarius people are going to be more open with their feelings and ideas than what might be their normal setting or sharing.  

November 20: Jupiter becomes direct and enters the 12th House of Capricorn.

Aquarius 2020 Horoscope Effects

Aquarius, Aquarius 2020 Horoscope
Aquarius symbol


Love is going to be a bit challenging for Aquarians in 2020. Romance will be the focus of their lives this year, no matter how difficult it may be at times. It is going to take patience. Also, it is going to be rather trying and spotty. Aquarians people will be going through changes this year. This is where some of the rockinesses is going to be coming from.

Love, Rabbit Women
Your love life will go through many changes in 2020.

One second there is love and honesty and hopeful planning but the next there is anger, hatred, and frustration. Keep this in mind. If an Aquarius has been hoping for a long term relationship, 2020 is probably not the year to seek one out. While things are going poorly for Aquarius, it is not impossible that it is going well for someone else. So if an Aquarius is invited to a wedding, baby shower, or some other intimate setting, they should do their best to keep their heads on their shoulders.  


The Aquarius 2020 horoscope predicts changes in the workplace. They will see more success than they have in the last few years. Aquarians are going to be excited about their newfound energies, but they should do their best to remain practical and not do anything too impulsive or rash while at the workplace.

Gemini, Woman, Business Woman
It will be important for you to be energetic at work this year.

While Aquarius people may have been able to be more relaxed at work in the past, they need to step up this year. They should put themselves out there. 2020 is the perfect year for focusing on work. It is likely than an Aquarius will accomplish many work-related goals this year.


The Aquarius 2020 horoscope predicts both ups and downs in finances. Aquarius will earn income, but it will not always be as stable as they maybe want it to be. They should be mindful of their savings. 2020 could bring around some spendings that they are not fully prepared for.

Piggy Bank, Roosters With Money
Save money! You don’t know when you’ll need it most!

This is not a good year to make investments. If an Aquarius has been thinking about starting their own business, then they should make a list of pros and cons to consider heavily whether or not that is something they should be doing at such a point in time. If someone else offers an Aquarius financial help, it would be in their best interest to accept it.  


Aquarians must make serious decisions when it comes to their health in 2020. If they are going to make a change for the better in their health, they have to do it full heartedly, not get halfway there and stop. If an Aquarius is going to try and exercise, then they should be easing their way in, not diving head first. They want to be fit, but they do not want to get hurt trying to get there. Aquarius people should use the weekends as a real cooldown opportunity. Even getting in some time at the gym or finding a new sport to join in on can help ease some of the stress.

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