Leo 2020 Horoscope

Leo 2020 Horoscope: Opportunity and Change

The Leo 2020 horoscope predicts new opportunities powered by stamina and energy that they might have been lacking in the past couple of years. Because of the new changes and energy, Leos are going to be building themselves stronger goals.

It will not be too out of place if Leos find themselves being more emotional than they are used to. In contrast to them being out of place emotionally, Leos might tend to be showier this coming year. This is because they are flowing with creativity and they want the people around them to know and see this.  

Leo 2020 Horoscope: Key Events

Jupiter is going to be in Virgo through the end of September, which is going to cause Leos more impatience than usual when they want something. Leos should handle business talks with caution and diplomacy.

September 26: Jupiter enters Leo. This is going to clear up a lot of messes while helping Leos along by awarding their hard work.

Jupiter, Planet
The planet Jupiter will have a large effect on Leo in 2020.

During the second half of January, Mercury is going to be in Capricorn. This gives Leos a nice backboard for their careers.

Come March, Mercury is going to be taking a stronger footing in Aries while will give Leos easier economic times.

October will be the prime chance for Leos to make amends anywhere that they have to with Mars and Jupiter in Leo and Saturn being in Cancer.  

Leo 2020 Horoscope Effects

Leo, Leo 2020 Horoscope
Leo symbol


There are going to be some large changes in store for this sign, according to the Leo 2020 horoscope. This can get a little rocky as far as love and relationships go. So, it might be best for them if they play it safe and lay low for a while.

During 2020, Leos should try to be a little conscious of the person they are with and try to better meet their needs. Though Leos should try to better get on with their partner’s needs, that does not mean that they should completely drop their own. They should hold onto the needs and not thrust them upon their partner, but Leos need things too.

Couple, Romantic
Relationships will take a lot of work for most of this year.

To keep the changes in the relationships from becoming too daunting, Leos should try to remember that things will be getting easier in the last quarter of the year. This is because the romance, passion, and intimacy are going to be getting closer to what they were before.

2020 is going to bring about new potentials because of the old relationships and friendships that Leos will have the chance to rebuild or strengthen. Around October and November, life-altering changes can be expected.


Leos might have a little trouble with finance in 2020 because of their pride and personalities. This will be somewhat balanced out by the planets because they will be in favor of Leos’ spending. So because the spending is going to go easily, Leos should set up a plan and follow it so they do not get out of control. Spending too money all at once is going to be rather troublesome later on.

Piggy Bank, Roosters With Money
Save money! You don’t know when you’ll need it most!

Finally, closer to the middle of 2020, Leos are going to be getting a better increase in income. The sources of income are going to be coming in different forms. Maybe they got a raise because of their hard work, maybe they are getting an inheritance of sorts. Come the end of the year, there is going to some revamping of their finance.

Where Leos get money from is get stronger so making investments this year would be wise, as would trying to get a few the changes that they have been dreaming about.    


Personal life is going to keep Leos busy in 2020, but if they can find a sturdy balance between home and work, then things should go smoothly for them. The aforementioned higher energy levels are going to be helping them with this. However, that does not mean that they drive themselves into the ground.

Stress, Rooster Health
Careers are likely to be stressful this year.

Leos do not want to drive themselves into the ground, but they do want to keep working hard on the new tasks given to them. It helps that Leos are strong leaders. This means that they can get teamwork and cooperation from the people they work with. Leos should keep in mind that they are going to be rewarded for their hard work closer to the end of the year.

Leos normally do not like to ask for help with things because they feel that they can do everything on their own. In 2020, Leos should be trying to reach out for advice a little more than normal.  


2020 is not going to be an easy year for Leos– mentally or physically. They need to make sure they take mental health days when they feel they are about to crack so that they do not fully break. They should also find a healthy diet and stick to it as much as they can.

Exercise Equipment, Health, Fitness, Rabbits
Make fitness a priority this year.

Things will start to look up towards the middle of the year. Around this time, Leos should look into finding a fitness plan. The last quarter of the year is going to be much better for Leos physically. However, because of the workload, they should still be gentle with their mental health.

One way that Leos can keep the mental and physical strain down is to not overestimate themselves. With the pride that Leos have, it is not uncommon for them to push themselves to prove to themselves and others that they can do everything they set before themselves. They should set goals that push themselves a little and avoid goals that have them sprinting to catch up or dragging behind when they lose their footing.

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