May 2 Zodiac Is Taurus, Birthdays And Horoscope

May 2 Zodiac Personality

People born specifically on May 2  have a higher degree of intuition than other Taurus personalities that share your May 2 birthday zodiac group. Being born on this day, you are very determined to make your dreams a reality. The virtue of kindness naturally comes from within. This explains your big heart for giving. You are tender and caring to the people you love and are good at providing a shoulder to cry on. You have a practical innovative approach towards life and are the type that shuns negativity.

When it comes to your social life, you are a funny charmer. You are patient to achieve your goals and are always ready to grab every opportunity that comes your way. Being born on a day that is governed by the moon adds up to your pureness of heart. You are able to express your feelings and thoughts as you are not very good at pretending.



Work is of great value for most individuals who have a May 2 birthday. You tend to be very choosy when it comes to a career choice, as you are bestowed with many talents to be applied in different fields. This makes it a little challenging for you and explains why you are never fully comfortable with what you do. You prefer a job where you are fully appreciated and recognized by earning good pay.

Skills, Career, Job, Talent
Showing off your skills makes you happy at the workplace.

Most people find it easy to work with you, as you are very cheerful when enabling others to polish their skills. You like making sure you end what you started and this is why you sacrifice extra hours for work. In most cases, what leads to your high productivity is your passion when working. Once you enjoy doing something, you do it to perfection.


As someone with a May 2 birthday, you are fairly good at managing your own finances. You rarely run into problems with cash flow. You are able to form a habit of making a good budget, but this does not stop you from worrying about your long term security.

Piggy Bank, Roosters With Money
Save up money before you treat yourself to something expensive.

One setback is that you have an eye for expensive things and a strong desire to enjoy the pleasures of the world. However, you avoid being a spendthrift by limiting yourself. You strive hard to avoid borrowing as you find it quite shameful. You only depend on loan assistance when there is dire need to do so. Your generosity stretches to those in need as you are a strong believer in the saying ‘the more you give, the more you receive’.

May 2 Birthday

Romantic Relationships

Having a May 2 birthday, you are typically positive-minded about the idea of love. You are deeply caring to the people that provide you with attention and affection. You take personal relationships very seriously and tend to be in a low spirit in the single world. Having someone to hold you and to share with keeps you going. You prefer having a soulmate who understands your vulnerable feelings.

Communication, Couple, Understanding
Talk out your problems with your partner. Yelling won’t solve anything.

You easily get disappointed when things do not go as you expected them to but are good at controlling your temper. You value peace. This is why you handle arguments in a very mature way to avoid fights. Your oodles of sex appeal and passion to love fully make you never run out of companions. You are very loyal and respectful of your partner. Anyone would be lucky to have you as a soulmate should hold on to you for life.

Platonic Relationships

Having a May 2 birthday, you have a large circle of friends, as you enjoy connecting with others. You have an avid love for sharing your ideas with people and getting their opinions on different aspects of life. You are very supportive and good at encouraging others, making you quite likable. Making other people smile gives you great joy. This explains your concern once you spot a sullen face.

Making people happy makes you happy!

You are immensely open in your conversations making you warmer when relating with others. Despite your yearning to speak your heart, you try to listen more than you speak to give others a chance to air their views. You have the belief that relating to all kinds of people plays a role in helping you explore this challenging world.


Family comes first for most Taurus personalities, whether they share your birthday or not. You are adept of all activities going on in your family, as you have a discipline of checking on them from time to time. Your parents have faith in you and your siblings look up to you as their role model. You enjoy giving them advice but are very cautious about making sure you give them space to make their own mistakes. They sometimes find you bossy, as you rarely put their opinion into consideration and you should take a step to tone down on this. You love sharing your life experiences with your family and being there during their special moments. This makes you a lovely character.


Most personalities with a May 2 birthday are not good with maintaining good health. You are somewhat lazy in making sure you keep fit, making you prone to excessive weight gain. Ensure that you take in a balanced diet and cut off all junk foods. You have a tooth for sugary foods and should, therefore, make sure you have a dental checkup once in a while. You tend to find exercises tiresome and boring. Therefore, you should take part in fun activities and light physical exercises to keep trim.

May 2 Birthday Personality Traits

For a Taurus with a May 2 birthday, you are a very opinionated individual. You are straight forward when it comes to troubling issues. You are assertive in decision making when it involves inevitable dilemmas. Your touch of creativity adds up to your originality in thinking. This makes you own a special kind of uniqueness in your individuality.

Bull, May 2 Birthday
Taurus is symbolized by the bull.

You believe in yourself and are gifted with a good sense of intelligence. You are able to lift other peoples’ spirit when they are low and give them morale. Your overly optimistic attitude towards life enables you to deal with most challenges that hinder your path to success.

May 2 Birthday Symbolism

You value the feeling of having a harmonious surrounding. You prefer keeping your nose where it belongs and minding your own business. The second digit brings you luck in games and lotteries. The second card in the magician’s pack is responsible for your risk-taking attitude.

Pearl, Jewelry, Necklace, May 2 Birthday
Man or woman, pearls are the perfect gemstone for you.

Your  chosen gem is the precious white pearl stone. You are known to be a dream chaser. You make good use of your clever mind. Do your best to keep your composure at its peak. You like being around a moderately calm environment.

May 2 Birthday Conclusion

You believe in yourself and should acknowledge your best attributes. The planet Venus is the ruler of your personality. You lift up people’s moods and like lightening up a room. You are endowed with a warm heart to keep life harmonious and to indulge in your need to be helpful.

In your social life, you seek comfort in the company of others. Being alone makes you moody and sad for no apparent reason. Your social intellect gains you many admirers and makes people want to be around you. You are one of a kind and a very thoughtful person to know.

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