May 20 Zodiac is A Taurus Gemini Cusp, Birthdays and Horoscope

May 20 Zodiac Personality

People born on May 20 are open-minded with a practical approach towards life. You have high levels of energy and a touch of expressiveness that makes you easygoing. You are a strong-willed individual with typical Taurus determination and motivation. As a May 20 zodiac, you highly value your privacy and like feeling independent as it gains you a feeling of accomplishment. You are very supportive and dependable and this draws people towards your direction.

You are a character with purpose and one who is ambitious, persistent and akin to most bulls do not like being unappreciated. Also, you tend to be overly observant and this leads you to criticize things. However, you compliment this by saying things in a humorous way to avoid offending anyone. Your optimism gives you plenty of focus towards accomplishing the things that mean most to you.



Suitable occupation options for a Taurus with a May 20 zodiac are those with less pressure. You seek a profession where you enjoy what you are doing and where your personal freedom is not too restricted. Financially rewarding jobs attract your attention, as you like feeling your efforts having borne enough fruits.  You are able to set your mind on bigger goals and are likely to settle for self-employment with time.

Money, Rabbits
Money is one of your biggest motivations for working.

You are ever willing to help others and are gifted with a hand to fix things. This makes you very useful. You are not lazy. Failing to show up for work raises alarm. You are very productive when included in teamwork. People find it exciting to work with you. You find sitting in an office all day boring and would opt for to have an outdoor kind of job.

May 20 Birthday


Having a May 20 zodiac, you are fairly adept when it comes to managing finances. You prefer being in charge of your own income, as you rarely trust people fully with your money. You make a budget often but usually have a hard time to strictly go by it as your needs are ever multiplying.  Also, you are the type of person who prefers having a variety of sources of income to earn a living.

Expensive, Room, Furniture
Taurus people are more likely to own a few expensive things than many cheap things.

You have an eye for expensive things but have the patience to save up for things and not depend on others. You more than occasionally treat yourself and appreciate your hard work. Your pride enables you to fulfill your goal of being more of a saver than a spender to avoid borrowing.          


Romantic Relationships                                   

A Taurus person yearns for abundance love and cherishes a soul mate once they get committed. Having a May 20 zodiac, you are passionate and affectionate in a relationship making you a perfect partner. You are able to put your soulmates’ needs before yours and to deal with troubling situations in a mature way. You seek an intense emotional connection with a companion that is based on honesty and trust.

Hands, Couple,
Trust means everything in your romantic relationships.

You are protective and romantic once you have someone to care for and to think about. Your high sex drive makes you interesting and never short of admirers. You prefer taking charge in a relationship and will only settle for a long term relationship once you get a partner who understands you. You avoid fights by being considerate and accepting situations as they are.

Platonic Relationships

Having a social life is a priority for a person with a May 20 zodiac. You have a natural curiosity as to what other people are all about. You take the initiative of having simple conversations with new faces to build casual relationships. Also, you are kindhearted with a desire to give and share what you have makes you likable.

Friends, Couple, Love
Taurus people make wonderfully compassionate friends.

Your charming approach makes it hard for you not to be accepted. You are quite a teaser with a high sense of humor. This makes people enjoy being around you. Being alone adds to your stress and lowers your spirit and energy levels, as you seek comfort in the company of others. You are a good advisor and are very good at encouraging friends. You are able to express your feelings and thoughts and share your ideas with people with an aim to get their views in exchange.


Family is an important part of your life. You never want to have the thought of losing your family, as your love for them flows strong and deep. You are willing to do anything to make them happy and keep them smiling. However, you are sometimes overprotective of them and no one trifles with you when it comes to family.

Try to spend more time with your family members to be even happier.

You are able to spend quality time with them to strengthen the bond that binds you together. You turn to your family whenever you need help or a shoulder to cry on. Also, you are supportive and are always more than willing to help where you can. You make family a priority and are able to forgive them whenever they wrong you. You are an individual who is able to accept your family’s flaws and focus more on their positive side.


Optimum healthiness is something you highly value and strive to achieve. You rarely experience major illnesses, as you care about your body and do your best to ensure a balanced diet. You tend to have interests regarding ways to keep you healthier and the latest medical advances. However, sometimes you push yourself too hard and are advised to take more time resting. Having adequate sleep keeps you active throughout the day and in a good mood. You should have regular exercises to keep in shape and to get stronger as you age.

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May 20 Zodiac Personality

You are an opinionated individual who likes sharing your views about life with others. You are adventurous and are attracted by mystery. As someone with a May 20 zodiac, you like standing out and being noticed after work well done. Your main strengths of character lie in your ability to follow your instincts and your assertiveness in decision making. You are able to think twice before you leap to avoid regrets. You prefer learning from your own mistakes and using them as a motivator towards having good progress in life. Lastly, you are bestowed with the ability to read peoples’ minds and this helps you to easily relate with others.

May 20 Zodiac Symbolism

You own the discipline of avoiding fights to create a harmonious surrounding. The magician picks out the 20th tarot card from his roll for you. It is accountable for your different way of perceiving situations to avoid being judgmental. The digit you ought to have as your favorite is 2 as it will always bring you luck. You seek fairness and equal treatment. The white pearl is the gem that brightens up your days and makes you more alert. You should always believe in the good deeds you do despite what they cost you.

Pearl, Jewelry, Necklace, May 20 Zodiac
Man or woman, pearls are the perfect gemstone for you.

May 20 Zodiac Conclusion

The glowing moon is responsible for your acceptable personality. You desire peace of mind and calmness. The beautiful planet Venus has power over your actions. Try to focus more on your future and avoid overthinking about issues. This will help you lead an optimistic life and promote happiness. You are a wonderful person. Anyone associated with you is destined for success. You should never feel low on yourself. Your self-esteem should always be at its peak.

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