October 3 Zodiac is Libra, Birthdays and Horoscope

October 3 Zodiac Personality

An October 3 zodiac personality is a very strong Libra. You don’t complain about anything and you are captivating and gorgeous though you don’t seem to know this. You are a careless spender, as you like the finer things in life but you are capable to do this financially. As a Libra baby born on October 3, you are logical and you possess a serious side to your personality. You prefer to be mobile and you re at peace with people and with the world.


Everyone has dreams and a person born on October 3 is no different. That’s the start of success. If you dream it, you will achieve it. Your dreams have not come to you overnight and you have had the desire for success from an early age. Now it’s time for you to make an affirmative plan of execution. It will take a lot of work and determination but you have what it takes to have a fantastic life. Since an early age, you have dreamt of big things, success and greatness, and you are definitely on the right path to accomplishing everything you have ever desired. Bing born on October 3, means that you are destined for the stars.

Business People, Work
Libras are great at working with others.

You are gifted with many talents and so you are not limited to these few suggestions. The sky is the limit Libra, go for it. NGOs. charitable organizations, law enforcement, teaching, you can do it all. However, a job helping others is quite rewarding to you professionally and personally. It gives you a lot of satisfaction and it also makes you feel complete.


As per money and career matters, a person born on October 3 is excellent at sales and marketing. You have analytical skills and abilities which you can use in such professions. your astrology analysis reports show that you know how to handle your money in such a way that the money works for you and gives you profits. You are inclined to investing in real estate as you are aware of its advantages.

Budget, Savings, Money
There’s hardly anyone better with money than a Libra.

Romantic Relationships

Your birthday horoscope shows that you seek a lover who is dedicated to romance and to the idea of getting married. You are on a roller coaster emotionally. This shows up mainly during breakups and makeups.


As a Libra born on October 3, you are said to be more compatible with an Aquarius personality. It can be a stimulating and exciting relationship. You are less compatible with a Capricorn personality. It might be a relationship full of misunderstandings and arguments. As a suggestion, it might be wise for you to avoid these encounters, or before falling too deep, it might be good to give yourself time to learn the person as much as you can to avoid falling into a bad love trap.

Platonic Relationships

You tend to meet all the goals that you make and when you have set your sights onto something, it seems like an obsession for you. You have a sense of humor that cracks ribs and makes people want to be around you all the time. As a result of your positive attitude, your friends quite enjoy your company and you do not mind lending a hand when required of you. After all, you know that a friend in need is a friend indeed. You also tend to give good relationship advice. This is surprising to many but it actually works for the better.


You are sensible and stable and you will make an awesome parent as you are a natural nurturer. You have the capability to offer comfort and spiritual values to a kid who is lost and in search of direction and affection.

Mother, Child, Aug 14 Zodiac
Libras get along great with children.


As a Libra born on October 3, you do not let anything hold you back. to you, delays and setbacks are just opportunities for you to restrategize and build a firmer foundation. You are a busy bee and you do not let little irritations get to you. And this includes also your fitness goals. Typically, a Libra born on October 3 is not a gym enthusiast. However, your life is active which picks up the slack for you. you eat healthy meals and hence the only worry would be if you overindulge which you don’t so you are all good.

Woman, Meditation, Meditate
Don’t feel like you need to go to the gym if you already exercise at home.

October 3 Zodiac Personality Traits

An October 3 zodiac personality is an attractive person. You are quite strong and hence your friends will come to you for support and advice. Naturally, you like taking care of people in need so this is easy for you. A Libra born on October 3 leads a very active life and health issues are not anything that should worry you.

Libra, Constellation, Scorpio
Libra constellation

You are always busy up and down doing this and that and these help burn those calories making you super fit. However, doing a bit of cardio will help tone those muscles and make you look even better. As per professional life, personal satisfaction comes way before a fat salary. As long as you are happy doing what you do, it is much more rewarding than any money in the world. To you, money is to buy you the basic needs and not to bring you happiness.

October 3 Zodiac Symbolism

The ruling planet for October 3 is the planet Venus– symbolizing finance, money, pleasures, attachments, and beauty. The tarot card linked to October 3 is the empress. She is a symbol of strength, fertility, good decision-making skills, and prosperity.

According to the numerological predictions for a person born on October 3, your lucky numbers are three and four, standing for production, conversation, traditional values, creativity, compassion, imagination, and your psychic abilities. Your lucky colors are white and silver. White is a color of completeness, wisdom, purity and spiritual enlightenment. Silver, a color that symbolizes emotions, modernity, and emotions, will bring luck to your day.

The Empress Tarot Card, Empress, Tarot, Cards, August 3 Zodiac

The lucky days for a Libra born on October 3 are Monday and Friday. Monday, a day of the moon, is a symbol of feelings, dreams, emotions, and reactions. Friday, a day of planet Venus, symbolizes resolutions of ill feelings and relationships. The lucky birthday gemstone for October 3 is an opal, which you should wear as it presents love, renewal of faith in relationships and romance.

October 3 Zodiac Conclusion

A Libra man born on October 3 would appreciate tickets to a jazz concert as a birthday gift. A Libra woman would appreciate copper cooking pots. The best celestial powers chose this great for you to be born Libra. Embrace the person that you are and always strive to be better.

October 3 Birthday

You are a Libra and your path of life has been laid down for you. Keep listening to your instincts, as they are more than always right. No delays or obstacles will slow you down. You possess the right traits and qualities to make it through your life smoothly. You are a great confidant, an amazing worker and you have the right attitude. Have a wonderful day Libra. You are simply the best, better than all the rest.

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