September 27 Zodiac is Libra, Birthdays and Horoscope

September 27 Zodiac Personality

A person celebrating a birthday on September 27 is a Libra. You are a person who is hot-headed and quite determined. You do not like drama in your life. Those who know you say that your personality is one of your best assets. This might explain why a September 27 zodiac is popular.

You believe in equality for all and you are very sensitive. You possess an extremely active imagination. Surprisingly, you are quite comfortable in front of an audience. You like when all the attention is on you. A Libra born on September 27 would rather walk away or keep your composure when you are faced with conflicts. As a result, you are always looking to keep peace at all times.



As a Libra born on September 27, you are able to mix your professionalism with your friendly ways. As you mature, your sense of security comes into play and your high intuition. When it comes to choosing a career, a person born on September 27 tends to choose a job that will enable you to show off your talents. You are inclined to a job as a teacher or as a coach and you could also possibly end up in the military which will play a big part in your saving for your retirement.

Teacher, Woman, School, College
Libras make great teachers.


As a Libra born on September 27, you are sensitive and caring and you know how to invest well and you could do well in advertising. You possess a natural ability to socialize which is a good asset to have in the world of business. You are known to have a gist of voice or speech. Use these skills to increase your wealth.

Romantic Relationships

As a Libra baby born on September 27 is full of passion and charm and you are easily able to make friends. You prefer to stay single and you are in no hurry to get married. However, for being born on September 27, once you find that special someone, you want to be a hundred percent sure as you only want to do this once. You truly know the true meaning of love and friendship.

In a relationship, a Libra baby born on September 27 tends to give too much of yourself and you almost lose yourself. As a suggestion though, try not to do this as you might develop feelings of bitterness towards your partner and the love you shared could become a thing of the past. You are a strong Libra. Hence, you should make it work to your own advantage.


A September 27 personality is more likely to be compatible with another Libra as it would be an understanding and charming match. You are less likely to be compatible with a Cancer as this is a match that will lack emotional and intelligent understanding.

Platonic Relationships

Your birthdate analysis shows that you are a mysterious person who possesses a kind and tender heart. Your friends say that you do not have a selfish bone in you. You are a hard worker and you might as well have leadership qualities.


When it comes to your family and kids, you find it extremely hard to cut ties when it is required. You are both independent and dependent. Make a choice as it is impossible to have it all Libra. This might be what confuses you and tears you apart.

Marriage, Baby, Pregnancy
Wait for the right time to expand your family.

It’s likely that you have some unresolved issues with your parents. If you do not deal with these issues, you will only have issues with your own children. Do not have any children until you are sure that you buried the hatchet with your past and made peace with your parents.

September 27 Birthday


You love eating. However, this shouldn’t worry you as you keep an active lifestyle burning those calories while at it. This way, you hardly add on any extra pounds. You are fit. However, try and keep away from beef as your body takes a long time to digest it. Try and eat more white meat like fish and chicken. Add more vegetables to your dinner plate.

Food, Vegetables
Watch your diet to improve your health.

September 27 Zodiac Personality Traits

September 27 meanings show that you are comfortable with yourself and with where you are in life. Remember though, by letting go of the past you will be more complete. You should move on. Only then will your dreams become reality. You seem to have only ventured on your comfort zone and its time now for you to spread your wings.

Dating A Libra Man, September 27 Zodiac
Libra symbol

September 27 Zodiac Symbolism

The ruling planet for September 27 is planet Venus. It symbolizes how you deal with relationship attachments and your artistic skills. The birthdate tarot card for September 27 is the hermit. This card it shows that you need to calm down so that you can contemplate on what’s going on in your life.

According to the numerology analysis, your lucky number is nine. It signifies your selflessness, your humanitarian feelings, and your kindness. Red is one of your lucky colors. It represents leadership, motivation, excitement, and optimism. Another lucky color is orange, which is the color of happiness, energy, vitality, and enthusiasm.

Venus, Libra 2020 Horoscope
Libra people are heavily influenced by Venus.

The lucky days for this Libra born on September 27 are Tuesday a day ruled by the planet Mars. It is a symbol of your competitiveness, your passion and conflicts in relationships. Friday, a day ruled by the planet Venus, symbolizes a day to have tactful experiences with your friends. The lucky gemstone of a person born on September 27 is an opal. It makes you spontaneous and imaginatively creative.

September 27 Zodiac Conclusion

An ideal birthday gift for a Libra man is a music collection of his favorite band. A nice perfume is ideal for a Libra woman. As an individual born on September 27, your horoscope predicts that your strong characters will mostly be evident in your observant nature. Your realistic view to life will basically allow you to think before you talk in any situation.

You have an original sense of style and your enthusiasm of life together with your sincerity will see you through in whatever you put an effort to or attempt to do, think or say. You are a perfectionist and you can be emotionally demanding if things do not go your way. Sometimes you are hotheaded and stubborn. Take it down a notch. Work on your attitude.

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