August 29 Zodiac is Virgo, Birthdays and Horoscope

August 29 Zodiac Personality

As an August 29 zodiac, you have the potential more than all other Virgos. You are capable of having it if you so desire. You have extra perception senses that are accompanied by strong spiritual power. Follow your instincts to lead you on the right road to being successful. It is very important that you develop your strength as this ability can be especially beneficial and extraordinary.

The August 29 birthdate personality analysis shows that you have strong emotions. Therefore, you should find the appropriate outlet for them. You make mountains out of molehills and it is advisable that you keep calm as its never that serious. Start to control this as it could be a huge problem, particularly if in romantic and personal relationships. Virgo, find your peace and come to terms with what messes with your emotions. Naturally, this Virgo zodiac will stress over things out of their control.


For a Virgo born on August the 29th, career options are stressful or rather the thought of being without a job is a scary thought. You can’t imagine being without an incoming salary. Finding work should be the least of your worries, as you are gifted with many talents. You will work as many jobs as you can if it means giving your family and loved ones the security they need.

Computer, Work, Freelance, Write, Type
Virgos are happiest when they are their own boss.

You would ideally prefer to be self-employed and you would choose to make less money if it gave you more satisfaction. If you happen to lose your job, as so many have at one time, you will spend a full day of applying for jobs and you will not stop until you get a response.


Virgos don’t care much about money for their own sake. However, they know they have to make money to take care of their loved ones. For this reason, Virgos are hard workers. They need to find a way to balance their work and family life. This will make them the happiest.

Romantic Relationships

As a Virgo born on August 29, let’s talk about your love life, as it is so interesting. You have an innocence that is attractive to a lot of people. You are never short of admirers as it is genuine and those around you find this to be very charming. However, there is a big possibility that you have several doubts when it comes to love and trust. This is what makes it hard for you to find love. You find yourself rather suspicious and find it difficult to share your true feelings with anyone. You might also find it hard to express physical and intimacy with your soul mate.

As a Virgo born on August 29, you are more compatible with another Virgo. The relationship between you two is likely to last a long time standing the test of time. You are not compatible with a Leo as you will never see eye to eye on many issues.

August 29 Birthday

Platonic Relationships

Friends and family of this Virgo born on August 29 are few and far in between. You will only devote your time to those that show you loyalty. More times than not, this Virgo’s friends share the same likes or dislikes so you may have even more to discuss or debate about. However, it is likely an amusing and intelligent and informative conversation.

The August the 29th birthday meanings show that you may have had a bad past that you cannot forget. Because of this, you are inclined to be a parent who will listen, who is sensitive and very understanding. You thrive to be a parent who is capable of communicating with loving and open attitudes.

Talking, People, Men
Virgos love to talk.

Virgos born on August 29 are very talkative people. When they speak, it can be extremely hard to get a word in for others. However, your conversations are interesting and so much fun. You like sharing the detail of how your day was and your ideas and views.

A Virgo personality might lack the confidence to face the issues of the past which might make current but also future relationships super difficult. This explains why you only have a few close friends. Nevertheless, your friends are lucky to have a dedicated friend such as you.


As much as it’s okay, you must also let a child be a child. As the kids they are, they will fall off the bike but they will get back on again. Trial and error is at times the best way to learn. So, be there when they need you and show them how much you love them.

Siblings, Brother, Sister, Children
Don’t expect your children to be perfect.


The August 29 birthday astrology predicts that your healthiness will eventually display signs of stress. Those of you born on August 29 are inclined to be involved in other people’s problems on levels that could be prejudicial to your health. You put a lot of work to stay healthy but it could go down the drains because of this.

Snake Fitness, Yoga, Stress
Make sure to keep both your body and mind healthy.

You tend to eat right and you are always setting new records for yourself in the gym. As a Virgo, you love and prefer growing your own foods in your beautiful garden. You are totally devoted to your eating habits. Join yoga or healing arts as this will enable you to relax you and remove your mind off work and all the drama that is in your life.

August 29 Zodiac Personality Traits

The August 29 birthday horoscope shows that you like gardening and you are you enjoy being outside in your beautiful garden. The fresh air elevates your spirits and cleans your mind almost. You are a Virgo that can take an activity and turn it beneficial in any situation, as you are creatively imaginative and expressive.

Virgo, Constellation, August 29 Zodiac
Virgo constellation

August 29 Zodiac Symbolism

As a Virgo born on August 29, Mercury is your ruling planet. It provides for your logic, alertness, your short travels and your ability to communicate in different forms. The high priestess tarot card matches your birth date.
Your lucky numbers are one and two. They signify happiness, balance, insightfulness, courage, raw power, and assertiveness. Your lucky colors are white and silver. White is the calming color that cools you off and it’s also the color of purity, openness, and fairness. Silver is the color of elegance, tenderness, grace.

Mercury, Mercury In Astrology, August 29 Zodiac
Mercury rules over the day you were born.

Your lucky days are Monday and Wednesday. Monday is ruled by the moon. It helps you handle your emotions and go after new adventures. Mercury rules Wednesday. It enables you to express yourself in a better way and be very persuasive. Your birthday gemstone is the sapphire which represents mental perception and sincerity in a relationship.

August 29 Zodiac Conclusion

As an August 29 zodiac, an ideal birthday gift for a Virgo man can be a coffee filter and a gardening toolset for Virgo lady. Enjoy your birthday!

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