September 16 Zodiac Is Virgo, Birthdays And Horoscope

September 16 Zodiac Personality

A person born on September 16 is a Virgo. You go beyond your limits and aim for the skies, but you fly higher. As a September 16 zodiac, you do not give in to defeat and you don’t give up on anything you set your mind to achieving. You are a curious soul and you want to know what goes beyond your eyes. You possess the agility and the patience to find out.

With your effort, you do not do trial and error. You put all your calculated effort into what you set your mind on and you are most successful in your quests. However, there are some places that you should not go as not everything that you discover is good. You are a Virgo who demands respect and so do many people. Therefore, be careful on the paths that you cross and those that you need to cross over. In other words, trend carefully Virgo.


As per career aspirations, a September 16 zodiac personality will turn dreams into profits and gratification. You are more likely to be inclined to careers as a social worker, as a therapist or in social professions.

Talking, People, Men
Any job that allows you to use your communication skills will be perfect for you.


Money is not your driving force. Of course, you enjoy that it can afford you and your family what you need. You like looking at your house and how beautiful it is. We all like to see what we have accomplished. You also like giving to society and brings some happiness to your life.

Home, House
Virgos want to have a beautiful home with many elegant items. However, this can be expensive.

Romantic Relationships

Finding a life partner who shares your values and your principles is an extremely happy day for everyone. This commitment is more than great and compensates for the lack of perfection. Usually, you find such a person sensitive but also a little annoying. Take your time and make sure that you know exactly what it is that you are getting yourself into.


As a Virgo born on September 16, you are more compatible with someone in the Taurus sun sign. You have a lot of things in common. However, you are less compatible with those in the Leo sun sign. This is a match that will be quite difficult.

Platonic Relationships

Being born on September 16 means that when you let loose your feelings you can get really hurt and become a bit tactless. However, you have a way to make people laugh about the situation. You have a warm heart and you will go out of your way for those that you consider your friends.

Hands, Love
Virgos wear their heart on their sleeves and can be somewhat sensitive.


You are vulnerable to getting bad luck and a lot of misunderstandings. However, you are a spiritual person and you are considered a religious person. Your parents raised you in the church as a child and you keep the values and beliefs as an adult. This is what makes you have high expectations for those around you.

Three, Church, Stained Glass
Many Virgos are religious and want their family members to be religious as well.


As a Virgo born on September 16, when you make a mistake or throw things out of proportion, you will talk about it over and over again. This can make people sick of listening to you. It’s time to chill out Virgo and ease down on the analyzing. This might give you a heart attack or something even worse. It’s funny now but you tend to take the fun out of things by this behavior.

September 16 Zodiac Personality Traits

As a Virgo born on September 16, you are not able to speak your mind. Try to stand up more for yourself and for what you believe in. this is something that you need to do for yourself and no one will do it for you.

As a Virgo born on September 16, those who know you say that you are a Virgo who loves to learn and that you do not respond well to change. However, change is good, look at the technology and how far we have come. Change can empower you if you let it. Instead of viewing it as change, look at it as a beginning of something new and refreshing, this might actually help you become more open to the change.

Virgo, Constellation, September 16 Zodiac
Virgo constellation

A person born on September 16 is a dreamer and some of your dreams do become a reality. Lack of perfection can really disappoint a Virgo born on September 16. Your birthdate horoscope shows that you take your job seriously and expect the same amount of respect from others.

September 16 Birthday

September 16 Zodiac Symbolism

Mercury is the ruling planet that fascinates you. It influences how your mind works out things that are of interest to you. The Tower Tarot card is linked to your birthday. This card stands for disruptions that ten to appear in your life that makes things go haywire. Your favorite number is seven. It is a number symbolizing spirituality, analysis, and deep thinking. Your lucky colors are indigo and green. Indigo is a perceptive color representing royalty, wisdom, and selflessness. Green is the color of fertility, tradition, growth, and finance.

Green Material, Style, Fashion, September 16 Zodiac
Wear green to improve your luck.

As a Virgo zodiac personality born on September 16, your lucky days are Wednesday and Monday. Wednesday is a symbol of your logic and rational way of thinking when you need to make important decisions. Monday, a day ruled by the moon, represents how you interact with your friends and family, your imagination and your fantasies. Sapphire is your lucky gemstone. It is a symbol of trust, mental stability, self-expression, and faith.

September 16 Zodiac Conclusion

The ideal birthday gift for a Virgo born on September 16 is a notebook case for a Virgo man and a basket of perfume, aromatic oils, and bath gels for a Virgo woman. You are strong and brave. You are destined for great success.

Your path has been well laid down by great powers. The pure mix of your positive personality traits should be enough proof for you to believe in yourself and your abilities. You are well equipped to accomplish all that you have ever dreamed of. What you have given will come back to you doubly. Happy birthday!

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