September 25 Zodiac Is A Cusp Virgo And Libra, Birthdays And Horoscope

September 25 Zodiac Personality

People born on September 25 belong to the zodiac sun sign Libra. You are a person of integrity and great importance. The personality traits for a September 25 zodiac show that you can throw tantrums when things do not go your way. However, staying in isolation might not be a good idea as much as you enjoy it, as depression might settle in.


As a Libra born on September 25, you have a long list of careers that you can choose from. You will keep your looks sharp as you might take on a job that requires you to look a certain way. Your instincts are good and you got it all.


As per family and friends, a Libra born on September 25 will consider a good-paying job. This way, you are able to provide financial security and also peace of mind.

Money, Rabbits
Libras don’t often care about money for their own selves, but for the sake of their family members.

Romantic Relationships

Libras are often called romantics. More than anything, they want to be in love. However, they can sometimes rush into romantic relationships that aren’t great for them. Hence, it is advisable that you try to make serious commitments after all the fun is over so you are sure it’s the right decision.

The personality most compatible with a Libra born on September 25 is the sun sign Pisces. It will be a successful and happy match. You are less likely to match with a Capricorn personality. Hence, avoid that relationship.

September 25 Birthday

Platonic Relationships

The astrology analysis for September 25 predicts that you are a loner and you do not require a lot of friendships. As a Libra born on this beautiful day, you keep your problems to yourself as you dislike bothering people. However, this works as you are imaginatively creative and resourceful.


If you were born on September 25, your celestial powers have bestowed you with the aim of helping others. This is the humanitarian side to you, Libra, that is quite admirable. It enables you to attain things that are worthwhile for both yourself and your family members.

Support, Climbing, Relationships, Leo
Libras love to help their family members.


The horoscope forecasts for a person born on September 25 show that you are as healthy as you can get. You are not a couch potato but active in taking care of your body.

Snake Fitness, Yoga, Stress
Libras love to exercise so they can look their best.

September 25 Zodiac Personality Traits

Your job satisfaction is drawn from the help you give. Your true measure of success is by helping others. You maintain your ethical standards and they define who you are. Your reputation is a combination of your personality and your rule of life. You do not bend the rules to favor your interest. If you were born on September 25, you love wholeheartedly and can be swept out on your feet by a caring individual who shows these two qualities.

September 25 Zodiac Symbolism

The ruling planet for September 25 is planet Venus. It is a symbol of love, appreciation, creativity, and emotions. The Chariot tarot card matches your birthday. It symbolizes that you are on the right path to success so keep the hope. The lucky number for a person born on September 25 is number 7— a number symbolizing thinking, knowledge, and introspection.

Venus, Libra 2020 Horoscope, September 25 Zodiac
Libra people are heavily influenced by Venus.

Your lucky colors are pink and sea green. Pink is a color of love, peace, affection, and playfulness. Sea green is a color that symbolizes relaxation, calmness, and abundance in your life. Your lucky days are Monday and Friday. Monday is a day ruled by the moon, showing how you control your emotions and how you interact with those around you. Friday, a day ruled by the planet Venus, symbolizes harmony, peace, enjoyment, and good luck. The lucky gemstone for September 25 is the opal. It is a symbol of spontaneity, spirituality, fantasies and for your self-esteem.

September 25 Zodiac Conclusion

A Libra man will appreciate a nice silk scarf for his birthday. A Libra woman would love a new piece of art. An individual born on September 25 has valuable qualities that help him anchor in relations which are love and loyalty.

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