August 11 Zodiac is Leo, Birthdays and Horoscope

August 11 Zodiac Personality

As an August 11 zodiac, you belong to the zodiac sign Leo. You love attention and when all eyes are on you. Everybody, including animals, love you. Your horoscope predictions show that you are very outgoing and true to your beliefs. You are a Leo who makes a good friend and a lover.

You possess a strange way of stirring things up. This can actually be good or bad depending on the circumstances. You are a lion that appreciates life and you are not one to lose your faith or determination. You go against all odds in order to achieve your life’s goals and objectives. Everyone knows you are ambitious and very hardworking. These are the qualities that will take you where you want to get in life. Leos are destined for a life of success.


As a Leo born on August 11, you have a persistent personality and you not take the word no for an answer. You dislike being told what to do. Even so, it is suggested that you should not raise your voice if such a thing should happen. Relax, keep calm and think before you act. If a person crosses this lion’s path, it will definitely be a roaring experience. Due to this, it is not surprising that you prefer to work for yourself where you are able to call all the shots. On some occasions, your aggressive natures and your domineering attitude tends to spill over to your personal life.

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Leos thrive in a competitive working environment.

Leos born on August 11 are shown to exert their power on people to show their dominance. This attitude of always being the boss in all areas of your life makes you lose genuine friends that would help you in many areas of your life. You are talented in many ways and you should consider sharing this with those around you.


You are love having fun in outgoing ways for life is short. Hence, you should be enjoyed every minute you breathe. This is part of the reason why you like to spend money on vacations. You should consider careers that make you move up and about for you will be bored sitting in one place for more than an hour or less. Also, this way, you can directly control how much money you make. Just make sure you are never bored or you will lose your spark.

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If you work for yourself, make sure that you work enough to pay for all the things that you want and need.

Romantic Relationships

Leos born on August 11 believe in romance. You are beautiful and you love falling in love. Reading romantic novels or even watching a romantic film brings you joy. The idea of being in love gives you a reason to wake up in the morning. You like being loved and more so, you love yourself. When you love, you do it unconditionally with the belief that no expectations will deliver little or no disappointment. This could be a good way to handle such if they happen. Your perfect match is a Libra or Gemini but avoid Taurus due temper that you cannot deal with.

You are a Leo and prefer to be dominant and your partner submissive. It is not surprising that sex toys turn you on. This makes it easier to sexually dominate your partner. Your lover, however, needs to be open to your needs and also of this side of you and be comfortable with it. This adventurous spirit means that things under the sheets will always be spiced up and never boring. For being born on August 11, you have the need to often be reassured if not all the time. In other words, you are almost insecure. You will not scratch anybody’s back if they don’t scratch yours. You are enthusiastic and smart but nevertheless, you are affectionate and want power.

Platonic Relationships

According to the horoscope analysis for August 11, you are a very nice company moral. Equipped with a positive attitude you personally involve yourself in your projects and this is why most people respect and like you. You are hands-on and like to know what is happening and who is doing what.

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If you even want a chance at lasting friendships, you need to control your temper!

However, you are an intolerant Leo. Because of this, you tend to be difficult to deal with. If someone crosses the line with you, you will take your revenge. When you are ignored, you become suspicious of others. At times, you are vain as well– thinking that you are perfect. As a consolation, nothing or nobody is perfect so you might reconsider this attitude.



You were born to be a leader. It will make a big difference in how people perceive you. In most cases, your family members will seek your advice both professionally and personally. As a lion born on August 11, you are loyal and fair.

Your birthdate predictions show that you are the kind of a relative to keep a secret. You work well under pressure as you can think on your feet. You are a devoted buddy. Also, you are a rational theorist. You have joined forces to make this world a better place to live in. As a Leo, your intention is to leave a mark when you are gone and to inspire others to live better lives.

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Family members often ask for your advice.


Leos love to look good. This is the main reason why Leos are often in good shape. Keeping to a diet and exercise routine is no problem for an August 11 zodiac. However, because of your ambitious nature, you can often get stressed out. Remember to take time to destress and relax to improve your mental health.

August 11 Zodiac Personality Traits

You have a tendency to be confusing too. You are a lion that will one time be doing this then the following day doing another thing which will eventually be indecision. Try to stick to one thing till the end. That way, you will get to where you want faster. If you are in search of adventure, then a lion born on this day is sure to please without a doubt. As a lion, you know all the cool places and those who know you know that your style is elegant and top-notch.

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Leo Symbol

August 11 Zodiac Symbolism

For a Leo born on August 11 you have two ruling planets– the sun and Jupiter. The sun symbolizes the reason why you always find yourself consciously or unconsciously in the middle of everything as a major game player in decision making and leadership. Justice aligns with your tarot card. This signifies your fairness, patience, justice, balance, equality, and wisdom.

August 11 Birthday

Your lucky numbers are five and nine. Five represents closeness, friendship, and confidence. Nine signifies patience, authority, focus, and fame. Your lucky colors are yellow and pink. Yellow is the color of happiness, quietness, and wisdom. Pink symbolizes the sensitivity of sympathy and courage.

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Wearing yellow may bring you luck.

The lucky days for you are Monday and Wednesday. Monday is a day that you should you to plan for big events and major decisions due to the clarity of your mind. Wednesday is when you are most open-minded to think about new ideas and let your creativity flow. Your gemstone is the emerald. This will help you to focus on the opportunities that avail themselves and those that aren’t clear yet.

August 11 Zodiac Conclusion

A Leo celebrating a birthday on August 11 will appreciate a drama ticket if it’s a Leo man and gourmet cheese if it’s a Leo woman. Happy birthday to you. Enjoy this day. Always remember that you are lucky to have been born as an August 11 zodiac!

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