Chiron in Astrology: The Asteroid

Chiron In Astrology

To well-understand Chiron in astrology, one can first go back to his biography in Greek mythology. He is known as being the justest and wisest among centaurs.

Rahu in Astrology: The Shadow Planet

Rahu In Astrology

Rahu in astrology can be difficult to pin down due to its lack of physical existence. Unlike planets such as Pluto or Mars, Rahu represents a point in the sky, with such profound effects that it can be considered a planet.

Pluto in Astrology

Pluto In Astrology

When it comes to Pluto in astrology, this planet is all about changing under the surface. Self-transformation in a few different ways including little tweaks in the subconscious are all controlled by Pluto.

Neptune in Astrology

Neptune In Astrology

Neptune is the God of the Sea, but Neptune in astrology also influences things like dreams, how psychic someone is if they are at all, confusion, and illusion along with other things that come subtly.

Uranus in Astrology

Uranus In Astrology

Due to when Uranus was found, it is the ruler of modern inventions. For example, Uranus in astrology rules over innovation and scientific inventions like technology or electricity. Another way to put it is that Uranus brings freedom and raw emotions. Those of us who are ruled by Uranus is usually amazing in most fields of science and they are some of the freest thinking minds we will have the pleasure to encounter.  

Saturn in Astrology

Saturn In Astrology

Saturn rules over Capricorn. When learning about astrology, it is marked that Saturn in astrology rules over self-control, limitation, and restriction. These restrictions can come in just about anywhere by making sure we know when we are supposed to do things (like having an internal clock so we keeping waking up even without an alarm), what we are supposed to be doing those things, and making sure we do not overstep a boundary somewhere along the way.  Saturn in astrology is also the known ruler of fathers or father figures, people who bring discipline and order to our lives, and tradition.

Jupiter in Astrology

Jupiter In Astrology

Jupiter, overall, stands for knowledge, strength of expansion, and authority. The planet also rules over sportsmanship, while trying to bring everyone prosperity. Jupiter in astrology grants people the ability to see other things and to broaden their horizons with new ideas and hobbies. People get their loyalty, goodness, luck, optimism, generosity, and helpfulness from Jupiter.

Mars in Astrology

Mars In Astrology

Mars in astrology rules over Aries and Scorpio. It is also what gives people their drive and determination and in some cases their passion (though passion also comes from Jupiter). It is true that Venus rules over romantic needs or wants, but it is Mars that rules over sexual desires. Mars in astrology gives people the “unattractive” emotions. Those of anger, fear, aggression, and so forth. Some people have a fight or flight reflex and that too comes to Mars. Competitive sides of people also come from Mars, as do the impulsive urges.

Venus in Astrology

Venus In Astrology

Venus is the goddess of love and beauty. People who follow this planet do not do well with physical work, but rather prefer the arts, in any sense they can get their hands on. When it comes to what Venus in astrology rules, the planet also rules over wives, mistresses, girlfriends, and sex workers.

Mercury in Astrology

Mercury In Astrology

The Sun is center of everything and Mercury is the closest planet to it. It makes sense the Mercury is the messenger of mythology as well as astrology. Mercury in astrology is sometimes seen as a trickster like Loki in Norse mythology, but this little planter does not get enough credit for everything that it actually helps with.