Dating a Taurus Woman: Everything You Need to Know

Dating a Taurus Woman

The Taurus woman always thinks before she acts – she wants to be careful in all areas of her life. That’s particularly true when it comes to finding a romantic partner. She won’t rush into anything – she likes to take things slowly. She wants to be friends with her future partner before things actually get romantic between the two. The Taurus woman is extremely faithful to whoever she decides to be with. If you are a sweet and caring woman, then the Taurus woman might be for you!

Personality Traits of the Taurus Woman


Checkmate, Chess, Compatibility, Compitition
The Taurus woman thinks very logically so they take compatibility very seriously.

Taurus women are not highly emotional. This means that they are better at thinking logically than the natives of other signs. It can also mean that they have a harder time falling in love than the natives of other signs do. It may take her a while to want to be in a romantic relationship because she likes to take care of herself. Once she makes it her goal to find someone to be with, she’ll be sure to do it. Taurus women are very determined people. She is sure to be loyal once she is in a relationship as well. 

The Taurus woman can hold down any job if she wants to but what really makes her happy is her sense of creativity. She loves music and art, and she is sure to feel a connection with another artistic person. She sometimes gets stressed at work and needs to hide in her hobbies – she won’t want to be bothered at times like this.

Taurus women don’t like to be in charge. They are good at taking orders at work, and they are not likely to give many orders in their relationship. They are submissive in most areas of life. This can make them seem boring to some, but easygoing to others.

Romantic Traits of the Taurus Woman

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The Taurus woman enjoys learning new things about her partner.

The Taurus woman takes a while to decide if she actually wants to be with someone or not. She can date someone for a while without getting too serious. Even if she is not being serious, she will still be romantic to her partner. She is likely to treat her partner first, and herself second. Once she decides that she’s met the guy for her, she is sure to fall hard and fast. 

She is calm most of the time, but she does get excited about things that really interest her. She can become interested in new things easily. This is one of the things she loves about dating: finding out more about her partner. She wants to get to know her partner in deeper than many signs care to know their partners. 

She can be romantic at times and loves romantic surprises, but she is also likely to set up a few of her own. Further, she loves compliments and romantic gifts and is sure to give as much, and sometimes even more than she takes in a romantic relationship.

Sexual Traits

Sun, Sunset
The Taurus woman likes to keep her partner happy but also has her limits.

The Taurus woman can attract almost any man that she wants. Once she has a man, she can do whatever she wants with them. She is a caring and passionate lover and can seduce her partner into doing whatever she wants. Of course, she isn’t just focused on pleasing herself – she does her best to please her partner. 

She is not a very adventurous person in bed, likely won’t have any crazy fantasies, and may be uncomfortable doing some of her partner’s. She likes to keep things simple. That doesn’t mean that she is boring – she memorizes what her partner does carefully, making sure to do all of the things that make him happy. Even though sex with a Taurus woman isn’t crazy, it’s still pleasurable.


Taurus women will do very well with Virgos and Capricorns. These signs know how to relax around each other. They will also do well with other Taurus-borns, Cancers, and Pisces-borns. Leos, Libras, and Scorpios can also work if they put effort into their relationship. Arians and Aquarians don’t have much in common, but they can still sometimes work out. Geminis are good in bed, but not for much else. Sagittarians are just a no go, these two are not compatible at all.

If you’re down to earth like Taurus, or if you can complement her traits, then she might be the one for you! You’ll need to work together to make things work, but when you do work out, it is sure to be great.

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