Planets in Astrology

The Planets in Astrology and Their Meanings

Each of the planets in astrology has its own meanings. Some of these meanings are more obvious than others. In astrology, each of the planets in our solar system, other than Earth, have a special symbolic meaning. Also, the Sun and Moon are both considered planets. Keep reading to learn more about each planet.

Jupiter, Planet, Planets In Astrology, Solar System
Each of the planets in astrology has their own special meaning.

Sun: Personality

The Sun is the sole ruler of the Leo zodiac sign. It changes sign once a month. This planet pretty much powers people and helps the other planets to find how to lead each separate person. This means that Sun finds people’s likes and dislikes, their ego, how they show themselves to others, their interests, and what drives them.  

Sun, Sunset
The sun controls the dominant personality traits in astrology in everyone.

Moon: Emotions and Moods

The Moon rules over the Cancer zodiac sign. The transit time between signs is only two or three days. When people think of the Moon controls or leads people in, the best words to describe it is the subconscious. The Moon guides people it leads in their instincts and habits, how they feel and how they deal with those feelings. Their moods can be affected by the Moon as well.  

Moon In Astrology, Full Moon
The full Moon has the most influence on the signs.

While the Sun shows people how they should show themselves to each other, the Moon shows people how to show themselves to themselves. This is when people are alone or with people they truly trust. Remember the quiet girl in History that never spoke in class but always talked a mile a minute when she was with her friends at lunch? She was probably heavily guided by the Moon. The Moon shows people how to be themselves when they no longer have to care about what others around them think.  

Mercury: Communication and Thinking

Mercury rules over Virgo and Gemini. It takes three to four weeks to transit between signs. The best words to sum up what the Mercury guides are language and reason. Mercury controls how people think and communicate with each other, their intelligence and intellect.

Mercury, Mercury In Astrology
Mercury is the smallest planet in the universe.

This planet in astrology is what helps people to learn. It gives people curiosity and makes them wonder– makes them want to learn as much as they can. It also helps people to find some of their basic interests. The broad genres that they like to read about. Do they like history, science, the fine arts? Mercury in astrology controls all of that.

Venus: Attraction and Love

Taking four or five weeks to move between signs, Venus rules over Libra and Taurus. Venus is the goddess of Love in Mythology. In astrology, Venus rules over harmony, beauty, relationships, attraction, and art.

Venus, Planet
Venus is one of the closest planets to Earth– and one of the strangest.

When people talk about what “type” they have when looking for a romantic partner, they are getting in tune with Venus. Venus also plays a part in how people do with money– whether they are losing it or gaining it. It decides who are most comfortable spending time with and who you become friends with because of what you thought of them when you first met them.  

Mars: Energy and Dedication

Mars is the ruler of Aries. It takes six to seven weeks to move from one sign to the next. Mars is the God of War, which means the people who follow them are leaders in their ways of sex and desire and passion, courage, and action as well as competition and aggression. People might say that Mars in astrology is where people get their more animalistic side from.

Mars, Mars In Astrology, Planet
Mars is one of the closest planets to Earth.

This planet helps us to know what we want and how we want to get it. They are not scared of action. They are almost always willing to move around if it going to help them. This planet is how they show or deal with their anger and where they get their stamina from.

Jupiter: Wisdom, Luck, and Growth

Jupiter is the gentle ruler of Sagittarius and takes about a year to move between signs. This planet in astrology guides people in their personal growth (mental and spiritual rather than physical) and their optimism. With their personal growth comes understanding and hope.

Jupiter, Planet
This giant planet is awe-inspiring.

Jupiter guides people in growth, but this has nothing to do with their height. What they mean is what people learn about others– how to open their minds to new ideas and philosophies that they were closed to before. Opening someone’s mind can also lead the person to new areas of luck. It gets them a better chance at the job they have been chasing or maybe it gets them a new partner.  

Saturn: Challenges, Discipline, and Fears

Saturn leads Capricorns along their way. It moves between the signs in two or three years. Saturn is great at helping its followers in things like law and obligation, restriction (limitations included) and discipline, motivation, structure, and responsibility.

Saturn, Planet, Planets In Astrology
Saturn usually has a large effect on most Capricorns.

This planets keeps people from going over the top. When people are tired or overstressed, it is Saturn that slows them down and makes the rest. People can stress themselves into illness and colds, right? That is Saturn works. The planet makes people rest in whatever way it has to even if it makes making people come down with a cold every now and again.

Uranus: Individuality and Changes

Taking seven years to change signs, Uranus leads Aquarius people in being themselves. These people are lead to make changes for the better good of the people around them so they have to be able to think for themselves. This opens them to both new ideas and new ways of doing things that they may have thought they mastered.

Uranus, Planet, Uranus In Astrology
Uranus is a frozen gas planet, which explains its color.

Uranus is where people get their want and longing for freedom and rebellion. People who guided by Uranus probably seem a little odd, but they are not weird at all. They are simply using their freedom to be themselves. They like sudden and unwarned change.

Neptune: Healing and Dreaming

Neptune is the dreamy leader of Pisces that takes ten to 12 years to change signs. This planet in astrology leads its people in their imagination, dreams, intuition, and mysticism.

Neptune, Planet, Neptune In Astrology
Neptune is one of the coldest planets in our Solar System.

People who are guided by Neptune can be a little hard to ground. They are can be all over the place or if they are sitting still then they are probably miles away in some fantasy world they have found themselves in. They are highly creative and love to show people what they come up with and what they learn. Neptune, however, can also lead people to addictions of varying things.  

Pluto: Transformations and Power

Pluto takes the longest time to change signs, 12 to 15 years. It rules Scorpio in their evolution and transformations. Pluto is the circle of life–life and death, the idea of deconstruction and reconstruction. The planet shows people how they should be dealing with power.  

Pluto, Pluto In Astrology
In astrology, Pluto is always considered a planet.

Pluto helps people to be empowered by showing them where they feel weak and where they should be taking more charge to gain that power. Once they have the power, Pluto then transitions to help them to find their newfound power.   

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